Are You Doing What Makes YOU Most Happy?

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3 questions to
ask yourself before year end to make sure you’re spending your time and energy



This weekend is
one of the seven most powerful times of the year. Most know this as Fall
Equniox, I like to call it a “SUPER POWER SELF LOVE DAY” – and if you want to
make sure you’re doing the things that make you happy, you want to tap into
this energy in the next few days (the official equinox is the 22nd,
but you can surf the energy on either side too!)


These Super Power
Days are the time to stop, drop and have a check in with yourself – and the
divine – to ensure your life is set on a course to bring you the things you
really want – you know happiness, prosperity, love, peace, all that good stuff.


In your busy life
with so much to do, it can be really easy to get off course – and you end up
spending lots of your precious resources, time, energy and money on things that
don’t really lead you to where you want to go. And we do not want that!


We want your
life to be HAPPY & aligned with your heart and soul…


So a few
things about Fall Equinox you want to know.


1.     Fall Equinox is the middle of “harvest
time” – so get clear on what you want to create and call in these last few
months of the year

while you might not be a farmer pulling in the crops, you are pulling in the
harvest of the dreams and intentions you set for yourself this year. 9 months
into the year, its time to check in, before the full harvest time comes in late


2.     Equinox is all about the ‘balance’ of
things – it provides a unique opportunity to get still and go deeper within
, where
the  TRUE answers lie –
when you unplug – even for 30 minutes –
from your busy life to get into a place of deeper stillness you will find


Daring act of
Make a date with
yourself, get still, and ask yourself the following three questions – and get
the wise answers.
then, no matter what, commit to following through on the actions that most
align with your happiness – even if that means disappointing another. 


Directions: Best to write the answer to these on paper
where you can see them. Before each question, stop, read the question, put you
hand on your heart (this will help you connect to your heart mind), and
breathe. Then write whatever comes.



  1. What do I really want to call
    in to my life by the end of this year?
    What will create the MOST
    happiness and success for me for the rest of the year?
    Be specific,  clear, and focused. This is not
    the time to create a litany of things to DO, this is about being with what
    your heart and soul most want to call in. Ask your heart mind, not your
    monkey mind. Max 4 things. And do yourself the favor to connect in with
    all the places in your life – your work, your relationships, your health,
    your finances, your home, etc. – to see what is most calling you.



  1. What are the wisest ways for me
    to spend my precious resources – time, energy, money – right now?
    Answer this question for all three
    things – time, energy and money. Often when we think of resources we only
    think of money, but there are other resources that are just, if not more
    important – and you have finite amounts of these. We get into overwhelm or
    underwhelm when we aren’t real about our resources of time and energy.
    Consider all three.


  1. What wise actions can I take in
    the next 40 days to ensure this harvest of happiness and abundance comes
    in for me?
    it would be nice to sit under a Bohdi tree and have this all show up at
    your feet, I don’t know how that works. I do know however that focused
    action connected to your heart and soul creates miracles and joy. So for
    each of the areas that you put a stake in the ground to create and call in
    by the end of this year – ask your heart mind, not your doing mind, what
    inspired, focused, wise actions you can take to manifest this into



If your busy
mind is having a hard time slowing down and hearing your divine wisdom, have no
fear! I just taped a Meditation on Location for you from the Pacific Ocean that
will lead you through a process to create space inside yourself so you can get
to these answers.


Make sure to watch
the meditation – it’s a video that you can watch and listen to!





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