Take Your Dream From Idea to Reality… Step Through The Magical Door of Possibility

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Dreams are lived realities made possible by believing in
the possible and by acknowledging the magic that is happening all around

Watch this self love video with one of YOUR dreams in mind – I’ll be
sharing one of mine – and together we will step through to new
possibilities for the reality of your dream being true.

I taped this video at a very special magical place called The Palace of
the Soul – the home and studio of my friend, visionary artist Elizabeth

The door you see behind me is called The Door Of Possibiliites –
Elizabeth created this door as an expression of a transformation she
went through, as one dream died and another began – she’ll tell you
about it in the video.

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams this past two weeks – and today’s love blog is an invitation for you to stop waiting for your dreams to become real and start experiencing your dreams as reality today.

Otherwise you are missing your dream life… not because your dream life
hasn’t “happened yet” but because it is literally manifesting under
your nose and you aren’t experiencing it happening.

I just got back from a trip visiting a friend who I witnessed have an
event happen that she has been ‘dreaming’ about for over two years – it
wasn’t the end all be all of her vision, but it was a clear sign from
the Divine that things were moving in the right direction. But instead
of being able to see and celebrate how her life was becoming her dream
life, she mostly saw how much more there was to do. This made my heart
so sad. I wanted my friend to experience the joy of living her dream,
not feel even more burdened.

And I totally understood – maybe you do too? I know I can get so stuck
on the vision I have in my head about something and so consumed with
driving to that vision that I fail to see that I am actually manifesting
and receiving what I desire, it’s just not all coming at one time.
Because as it turns out, that’s not how big dreams and big visions
manifest. They manifest one small step at a time.

And sometimes dreams and visions can seem so big that you can’t see the
possibility of HOW it could happen, so again you miss that you are
already experiencing the manifestation of your dreams in small ways.

Use the Magical Door of Possibility to See How Your Dreams Can Begin Manifesting Right Now

more you recognize and see the physical signs of what you dream for
your life – even if not in the packaging or timing you wanted, the more
real that dream can become.

Be bold and share the dream you are living into reality every day right here on the blog…

Share the love!
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