Meditation on Location: Trade In the Stress for Peace Love and Happiness this Summer!

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That is the very question — Is it possible to live stress free? —
I found myself asking myself as I sat in Costa Rica looking out at the
jungle, feeling for the first time in a long time, completely free of

And while in Costa Rica I have to say the answer was yes.

And i have to tell you stress-free felt really good!

So good that I found myself sitting there getting a little mad about how much stress I knew was waiting for me back home…

I didn’t want to lose that feeling of freedom, inner peace, ease… I wanted to take it with me.

Maybe you can relate? After going on vacation, taking a long weekend, a
day off? Feeling the stress melt away, and not wanting to take it back
on but feeling almost powerless to do anything else.

What I realized in Costa Rica and I am going to share with you now in
this love letter, is that the only way that I was going to NOT pick up
all the stress when I got back home, was for me to get honest about all
the ways in which i was making it okay for stress to take over my life.

And instead of being a victim to the stress… be empowered to make a different choice when it showed up.

And instead of being surprised or mad when stress emerged… taking pre-emptive action so stress couldn’t come creeping in.

The process and meditation I went through on the deck in that jungle was
transformative… it burned up a few stress creators on the spot… and
while stress is still knocking on my door, I can say that after a month
of being home, the stress gremlins have not taken back over control!
Although they keep trying!

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