How Do I Have Fun & Still Get My Work Done?

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You have a VERY IMPORTANT JOB to do this summer!

Lots of it.
Spontaneous fun… unplanned… magical… the kind you used to have before there was so much ‘work’ to do!

Yes, I know you have tons to do… lots of people and projects depending on you, that’s true.

But what is also true is that YOU are depending on you – not just to
take those ‘planned vacations and trips’ you’ve got jotted down for the

But to LIVE YOUR SUMMER like the SUMMER OF LOVE… free, happy, and full
of self-love (you can skip the bell bottoms and psychedlics and just go
for the simple F-U-N)

Watch this weeks love letter video
where I share 3 of the biggest threats to your summer of FREEDOM and
HAPPY and LOVE… and 3 simple things you can do every day so you don’t
have to wait for vacation to have a great summer… I’ll be doing them
right along with you, in fact, I’ve already started (notice the

1.  Tell your Inner Mean Girl or Inner Mean Dude to head to summer camp next time they tell you that you can’t play because you better keep working!  Need help, come to one of my Inner Mean Girl Reform School tele-jams

2.  No keeping your heart closed to magical spontaneous invitations!  Say YES!!!!

3.  Receive the assistance of the Divine — forget trying to do it all on your own – you’ll never have time for fun doing life that way… ask the Divine for help and then let it help you!  Need some help opening up those channels?  Join me for Wine and the Divine

This summer… have FUN – lots of it…. you are depending on you to give it to yourself.

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