Your Inner Critic Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against This Person

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Every day since you could watch a TV or hear a radio or read a magazine, you were told a message. A harmful message, that made you believe things about yourself that weren’t true. What my sister of self love and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School Amy Ahlers calls a Big Fat Lie.

This message which came from all kinds of places, made the little you, believe “You are not enough” … so you spent years and years, trying to do and be and have all the things that would finally make you enough… and still today, as an adult, the truth is, you don’t really believe you are, not really. Not at the deepest levels where it counts.

You see the message of “YOU are NOT enough” became food for your inner critic – or your Inner Mean Girl or Dude” as I like to call it… and ever since it’s been feasting on this big fat lie, fueled by a media and culture that thrives on YOU believing it.

So over the years, your Inner Mean Girl or Dude has become very strong and big… self-sabotaging your dreams, your love life, you life really… filling you up with self-doubt, self-criticism, self-neglect and even self-hate.

Until NOW that is!! See inside of you you also have two WAY more powerful forces — the arch nemesis twins of your inner critic… Your Inner Muse and your Inner Wisdom.

And today in this blog I am going to share with you two short but mighty ways to feed these pieces of you instead of that inner critic that’s been tormenting the little you and the big you for way too long.

One: Watch the love letter video I taped with one of my B.F.F.’s the transformational artist and poet, Shiloh Sophia McCloud…  she is master at activating the muse with just the right messages that erase those crazy inner mean girl/dude thoughts. Go here to watch.

Two: Attend an Inner Mean Girl Reform School tele-jam — and get 3 super power tools for turning the self sabotaging voice in your head into a self empowering self loving ally instead. Go here to register, it’s gratis on me.

And if you dare, go ahead and leave a comment here taking a stand for giving up negative self-talk for good and taking on the belief I AM ENOUGH… I CHOOSE TO GIVE UP NEGATIVE SELF TALK… I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE I AM ENOUGH….

think of this blog like a wall of self-love… I see you!

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