#71: What Blocks & Distorts Your Inner Wisdom from Getting Through? Signs Your Tweaked Out vs Tuned In

Feminine Power Time Episode #71: What Blocks & Distorts Your Feminine Wisdom from Getting Through? Signs Your Tweaked Out vs Tuned In Bonus in the 4-part series on Feminine Wisdom Feminine [...]


Give Up Negative Self Talk! – – – Choose Supportive Self-Love Talk

What if you could give up negative self-talk? Watch this self-love divine spark for your heart Here’s the straight self-love truth.. Just like giving up any negative toxic habit – like biting [...]


Don’t Let Your Inner Critic Steal Your Dreams or Gifts for the world

Inside of you are offerings that you want to give to the world this year — and we want you to give them. We need you to give them – because you are the only one who can. And [...]


Zip Your Way To Happiness and Freedom!

BE FREE TO BE HAPPY!!  That’s what happens when you fly 5000 feet above the jungle floor on a wire 🙂 You get big AHA’s from the Divine about your life. I got TWO BIG EPHANINIES in TWO [...]


What’s Driving You To Work So Hard

As a woman who has worked hard for most of her life, only to find that much of what was really driving me was my unexpressed fears, doubts, egoic ambitions, need for external approval… I am [...]


Your Inner Critic Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against This Person

Every day since you could watch a TV or hear a radio or read a magazine, you were told a message. A harmful message, that made you believe things about yourself that weren’t true. What my [...]


You May Be A Gossip and Not Even Know It!

If you had asked me if I was a gossip and if I gossiped before yesterday, when I kicked off the Inner Mean Girl 40-day cleanse with about 6500 women, I would have given you an emphatic [...]