#71: What Blocks & Distorts Your Inner Wisdom from Getting Through? Signs Your Tweaked Out vs Tuned In

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Feminine Power Time Episode #71:
What Blocks & Distorts Your Feminine Wisdom from Getting Through?
Signs Your Tweaked Out vs Tuned In

Bonus in the 4-part series on Feminine Wisdom
Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

When you are ‘tuned in’ to your inner wisdom and your channel is clean and clear,
you step forward with courage,
stay focused on what matters,
and make wise choices for yourself, your work/business and in your relationships.

But when your feminine wisdom channels are blocked up or mucked up,
wow can you make some bad choices,
|shrink back, spin out,
work too hard and give too much
and generally create havoc vs harmony for yourself.

But how do you know if your inner wisdom guidance system is tweaked out vs tuned in? 


I just had to add this bonus Feminine Power Time to complete our series of Feminine Wisdom: What is it? Why is it essential? How do you use it? It will be the 5th in this Feminine Wisdom Series. Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, for a conversation we have to have to make sure we are responding from our truth vs reacting from our fear.

If we aren’t self aware of how we work inside and understand the signs we are operating from distorted emotions and ideas, we can’t support ourselves or get the support we need to face the levels of change, stretch, possibility and uncertainty we face.

Join me for a powerful Feminine Power Podcast on
What Blocks and Distorts Your Feminine Wisdom?

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Join me and We’ll dive into:

  • What are the signs that your thoughts and your sense of things are ‘tweaked out’ vs ‘tuned in’ – driving you to make unwise choices?
  • How your 3 minds work together to either sabotage or support you – from the ping-pong paradigm, to the obsessive worry, strategizing future tripping mind, to the overly optimistic cheerleader, learn more about how your mind works for and against you.
  • How to use your body and your emotions to determine whether what you are thinking and feeling is true or just a distorted reaction based on past imprints and perceived fears
  • Why working with your inner critic, gremlin or saboteur doesn’t get to the heart of what we need as womento not just deal with the pressures we face, but to transform them and elevate our lives, work, relationships by moving through them.
  • Practices you can use preventatively and in the moment to clear the channels to get to your wisdom , and calm the fear.

I invited a special guest to join us for this Feminine Power Time, Stacey Hoffer, the director of programs at The Path of Self Love School, whose “inner mean girls” = the force that disempowers and distorts your inner wisdom = are different than mine.

I’m bringing my Achievement Junkie, Move the Bar Belinda, and my Invincible Super Woman, who I haven’t named yet! Stacey brought her Rejection Queen and her Overly Optimistic Cheerleader. You will Love their names!

And of course we make this all personal to your life, now!


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If you would like to strengthen your ability to
work with your inner critic and your intuition…

Learn more about the fall Empower Your Inner Wisdom. Expose Your Inner Critic Class.
Taking place at The Path of Self Love School



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