What’s Driving You To Work So Hard

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As a woman who has
worked hard for most of her life, only to find that much of what was
really driving me was my unexpressed fears, doubts, egoic ambitions,
need for external approval… I am committed to learning how to make a
BIG IMPACT with grace and ease, and yes sometimes you put in the long
hours, but even then can’t it be joyful instead of hard and full of

If you are a person who drives themselves too hard, works too hard,
gives too much, is tired/exhausted/overworked … and would like to make
a positive difference in the world, in your life and the life of
others…then read on, because I’ve written this love letter for you.

A transformational poem in response to the question “What’s Driving You To Work So Hard?”

Stop, Breathe, & Receive

Screen shot 2012-07-07 at 10.36.52 AM.png
Stop moving so fast, so hard
Where are you going?
And who & what are you leaving behind?
Not to mention the cost to your health and heart.

Plus, what is the rush anyway?
You act like there is somewhere to go.
When in reality there is nowhere to rush to,
But to stand right where you are.

Breathe I said.
Until you can feel it in your core
That’s right…
Exhale all that pressure,
All the preconceived notions about how any of this thing — called your life —
is supposed to turn out.

That’s right, see, doesn’t that feel better?
Yes, that’s it.
Now you are ready to LISTEN…

Close your eyes.
Can you hear it?
That voice
that’s been waiting to speak to you for so long.
Wise. Solid. Secure. All knowing.
It has something to tell you…

“Everything is going to be just fine.
It’s all going to work out.
It already is working out,
if you’d just relax, let go and let it do the working out.
Sit back… Breathe… and Receive
the love
the happiness
the peace
the support
the grace
that is always here
When you remember to
Stop. Breathe. & Receive.”

For more support in kicking this overwork habit, check out this free tele-jam I recently hosted all about getting your inner critic off your back and on your side. Be a Achiever and a Receiver! Go here…  http://www.innermeangirl.com

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