Meditation on Location: Trade In the Stress for Peace Love and Happiness this Summer!

GO HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO & GET YOUR MEDITATION ON That is the very question — Is it possible to live stress free? — I found myself asking myself as I sat in Costa Rica looking [...]


How Do I Have Fun & Still Get My Work Done?

You have a VERY IMPORTANT JOB to do this summer! HAVE FUN! Lots of it. Spontaneous fun… unplanned… magical… the kind you used to have before there was so much ‘work’ [...]


Give Yourself What you REALLY Want – Say NO to Fear

Somewhere inside of you is a desire that you really want. Something that you heart is like, Yes I want that!! But for some reason, you don’t have it. And that reason, whether you know it or [...]

Do I Really Have to Get Sick To Relax?

My whole life for as long as I can remember I have had a deep and primal internal drive whose job it has been to propel me forward… into the next job, house, or project. This drive was like [...]


The 7 Blocks to Receiving Peace, Love & Happiness

On June 22nd, I along with hundreds of women started on a 40-day virtual retreat called the Summer of Self Love… our mission? To take the pressure of having to do, be and have it all [...]