Dare to “Do” Things Differently: Challenge Conventional Wisdom to Follow Your Inner Wisdom

Dare to “DO” Things Differently: Challenge Conventional Wisdom & Follow Your Inner Wisdom My heart has been stirring for weeks to create and invite you into this conversation [...]


Activating Feminine Wisdom and Power during these Uncertain & Intense Times

On the Super Full Moon, I held a special Feminine Super Power circle to activate Feminine Wisdom and Power during these uncertain and intense times…to illuminate the path ahead from love [...]


What do we do now? Listen + Gather

In times like this feminine wisdom tells us three things… feel, listen and gather. It’s not the time to blame other people (although easier). It’s not the time to jump to [...]


Horse Wisdom for Super Women: Give Up the Grind. Embrace Your Grace.

Horse Wisdom for Super Women: Give Up the Grind. Embrace Your Grace I recently put myself on a 4 day personal vision quest from home, to give me the space to listen more deeply to my heart and to [...]


Strengthen Your Self Trust…make choices that support vs sabotage you

When a woman or girl knows how to tell the difference between the inner force that reacts from fear, shame and judgment and sabotages her and the inner force that guides her from loving truth, to [...]


Freedomcast: Clear the Fear & Liberate Your Heart to Lead

“Your power ends precisely where your fear begins.” – Melissa Etheridge. That says it all. And why today I’m inviting you to tune into your heart and see what fear is [...]


Wielding Your Feminine Power: Be a Powerful Presence without Being Bitchy, Bossy, or Manipulative

  We all want to feel powerful. I believe most of us really do want to use our power for the good of all, including ourselves. But few of us received the training we needed to show up in our [...]


Self Empowerment Blog: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

There’s a lot of misunderstandings about dreams that can mess up your manifesting. Watch this video & get the divine download on how dreams really do come true. Choose self empowerment, [...]


What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail

Recently I was hanging out in wine country at an outdoor Broadway concert under the stars, where I taped this video for you, from Jack London state park… a park that is being saved because [...]


Zip Your Way To Happiness and Freedom!

BE FREE TO BE HAPPY!!  That’s what happens when you fly 5000 feet above the jungle floor on a wire 🙂 You get big AHA’s from the Divine about your life. I got TWO BIG EPHANINIES in TWO [...]

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