Be a Co Creator of Reality: Embrace Your Power to Create the World You Wish to Live In (#157) (#3 of 3)

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Feminine Power Time #157

Be a Co Creator of Reality: Embrace Your Power to Create the World You Wish to Live In (#3 of 3)


Co-Creation is the practice and path we all have as humans to create the realities we live in – individually and collectively – but few of us were ever educated on HOW we do that. Co-creator. Hmmm. Just read that word a few times. CO CREATOR. CO CREATE. What does that even mean?

I am the co-creator of my reality?

And, consider this… if you knew how to ‘co-create’ as a path and practice for how you approach all parts of your life and work, and all the problems you see around you or experience yourself, what possibility and potentiality could that open up for you?

Can you imagine that there are realities you can’t even see, yet??

Do you know how to trust the process to unfold? Do you know how to be in active relationship with the process in a way that keeps you expanding into possibility?

This is why we are doing this 3 part series on Embracing Your Power to Create the World You Desire to Live In. To educate, explore, experiment and experience this power we have within us to make change, do things differently, shift this world, stop patterns and habits that keep us and others trapped in suffering.

Embracing your power as a Co Creator, which is an act of both humility and honoring, opens up the potential for us to truly be what the wisdom teachings have always said we could be:

We are the ones who dream reality into being through our imagination and intuition. We are meant to work with the Universe, each other and the earth. And when we do, we co-create a society that reflects wholeness and wellness, and empowers all life to prosper.

When we stop looking out there for the answers, the safety and security, and the ways we should think and believe, we open our hearts and minds to a deeper truth that reflects the soul of the earth & humankind … which by nature creates  forms and organizes life in ways that create harmony.

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time with leadership advisor and social impact leader Christine Arylo: 157:  Be The Co Creator of Your Reality

  • What do I mean by “Co-Creation”?

  • 4 Realms of Co-creative Relationship: yourself, the Universe, the earth, and the others

  • 4 phases of Sustainable Aligned Co-creation – when you follow these in your individual choices or in teams or organization, instead of creating too much, too fast or making choices that lead to bad outcomes, you create forms and take actions that lead to wellness, for the whole and you.

  • 7 practices for Co-Creating – these are practical things you ‘do’ in your daily life and in your decision making to be in connection to all four realms and stages of co-creation

  • What keeps you stuck in limited thinking and reality cutting off your ability to co-create new possibility
  • How do you work with the power of INQUIRY, INTUITION, and RITUAL & RHYTYM to open up possibility, gain clarity and take steps forward?  

As we stand here at this time on the planet, our ability not just to believe but to experience that we have the power within, through our choices and voices, to be the creators of this world, is like a life line for us.

When you practice co creation as how you live, you feel so much more connected… so much more trusting… so much more alive… so less like a victim or the master controller of the universe, and so much more like you are held, guided and empowered to live well, and be part of humankind finding a better more loving way to live.

See you there



Feminine Power Time #157

Be a Co Creator of Reality: Embrace Your Power to Create the World You Wish to Live In (#3 of 3)


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