The Power of Intentional Creativity for Thriving in Our Times with Shiloh McCloud

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Feminine Power Time #158

The Power and Practice of Intentional Creativity
for Thriving in Our Times with Shiloh McCloud



Creativity is not just about making a painting or a piece of ‘art.’

We have huge misunderstandings of what creativity is, and how relevant and essential it is to every sector of our society, our economy, our wellness and happiness and our families.

Some of the greatest thinkers and scientists have also said what the artists and sages have always known – imagination and intuition are more powerful than the intellect. It’s our capacity to imagine and tune into a more expanded field of consciousness that inspires us, illuminates possibility for us, and both heals, awakens and empower us.

Yet, if you look at the over-culture we live in, wow, it’s set up to keep us from this primal, innate creative power.

Our schools have cut back on creativity as part of core curriculum, instead they are over-focused on memorizing and accepting conventional thought and scientific proof as the only reality.

Women’s creativity is often diminished into “arts and crafts”, scrapbooking or a nice “hobby.”

And most people don’t see themselves as artists or artistically talented, because they can’t paint or draw in a what is deemed beautiful, so they shy away from being “creative”.

This and more is keeping up from the truth of how creativity lives within each of us. Distancing us from our power and potential to create different realities for ourselves and the world. And keeps us  from potent self-healing techniques that we could be using to release trauma, move through challenging emotions, and navigate these intense times.

Consider this… wisdom that emerged from this conversation and wise woman tea between myself and Shiloh Sophia McCloud, founder of the Center for Intentional Creativity (and my dear friend of almost 15 years), which we are inviting you to:

“People have mixed up talent and creativity. If you think you are not talented, you think you are not creative. Which is not true. EVERYONE is creative.

Creativity is the natural innate life force that exists in every person and how you chose to create it.”

Join us for this special “Wise Woman Tea” with Arylo and Shiloh, to top off our series of Embracing Your Power to Create the World You Wish to Live In. In our wise woman tea episodes I invite a woman who has dedicated her life to living and learning a specific wisdom tradition or lineage, and has founded and brought forth this wisdom in practical ways that can empower us in these intense and changing times.

In Episode 158 we focus on The Power & Practice of Intentional Creativity for Navigating and Thriving in Our Times we will explore: 

  • What creativity is NOT
  • Embracing our creative nature and power as creators
  • STOPPING the rhetoric that we are not “creative”
  • STARTING embracing our creativity as a super power that we all have and that we can use in ALL areas of our lives, professional and personal.
  • The systemic roots of why we get disconnected from our full creative power at a young age
  • Self-expression as essential to our wellness
  • How we can guide and influence others to stay connected to their creative power, even if the systems don’t support it #harmonicdefiance
  • The link between creativity and consciousness, how we think, and how our brains work
  • Using creative process and practice to cause significant breakthroughs individually and collectively

In the episode, Shiloh and I will share and talk about Intentional creative processes and physical practices that give us the power to:

  • AWAKEN our potential and new possibility
  • HEAL and MOVE THROUGH challenging emotions and times
  • RELEASE trauma from our system
  • CONNECT with our intuition and receive wisdom and guidance
  • CREATE SPACE for contemplating and being in conversation with the Universe and your deeper Self.

Join us for the conversation and the exploration. And then take what you learn and start bringing the practice of intentional creativity into your DAILY life.

We start the Mid Year Power Pause in June and July – which is an intentional creative process. Feminine Wisdom Way is a community and wisdom school that actively uses our creative power daily to co create the world we wish to live in.

See you there!



Feminine Power Time #158

The Power and Practice of Intentional Creativity for Thriving in Our Times with Shiloh McCloud


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Wisdom Bytes:

  • The mind can only create what it seen before. But your intuition has the power to expand possibility.
  • Thinking is the long way to make change.
  • Wellness cannot be achieved through just the mind.
  • Creativity as a practice and a process is a way through to true healing, freeing and new ways of working, living and doing things.


Learn more about Shiloh McCloud and Musea, the Center for Intentional Creativity


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