Model for Navigating Uncertainty & Change: The Triangle of Transformation

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Making changes, walking though and navigating uncertainty, even if you really want to or you know you or those you lead and guide want to. Stepping into the unknown is a challenging endeavor for all humans even for the most courageous.

One reason is that most of us were not educated on how to understand change and navigating uncertainty. We’ve been taught to find solid answers and definitive solutions, as if we were built like robots or computers, vs. humans with emotions, fears, lived experiences that bring up real somatic responses to situations that feel unsafe, unsure or unstable.

My role in the world is to create new models for thinking and understanding that elevate our mindset and way of working, living, relating and creating the systems, organizations and culture that make up our world. And then taking the timeless wisdom for how people and planet work best, and create and share practices we can use in our daily lives, and with those we lead, guide and influence.

Tune into the video teaching below and read more on the model below.

Imagine a world in which you..

  • were given frameworks for thinking and practices for navigating uncertainty and change in a way that is actually sustainable and supportive, so you could name the intensity, your response and then know how to put support & structure in place.
  • had a toolkit of practices that empowered you to approach a transformative time – personally, within your family, team or organization, or in the world, like an intense yoga set or a long run or cycle, in which you feel stretched but not in distress.

Wisdom teaches us to discern between “eustress” – healthy stress that propels you to grow – and “distress” which creates toxic struggle in the body, brain and emotions, Distress drives you to feel lost, make unhealthy choices or waste time, energy and resources.

This Model  – The Triangle of Transformation – is  one I teach individuals, organizations and teams to use when they are either in a changing or uncertain time, or know they need to make shifts.

The Triangle of Transformation, helps you understand the three parts of change we go through individually, collectively, and systemically when we are in times of uncertainty and big change.

All three parts of change are happening within you and the people around you experiencing the change, but when you don’t have language to see all three, the change becomes overwhelming.

You and others get burned out. Anxiety spikes. Bad decision making takes place. We move too fast. We react.

When you can see all three parts of the change, you can tap into your compassionate leadership and your intuitive power to make change in a way that feels supportive and sustainable. It will still be a stretch. But it doesn’t have to cause such toxic levels of distress



Ways to Go Deeper

Check out the Overwhelmed & Over It Book  




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