Feminine Wisdom for Year Ahead (Part 1): Finding Your Strength in the Stretch

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Feminine Wisdom For the Year Ahead:
Finding Your Strength in the Stretch
(Part 1)

Every year in January I wait to do a special Feminine Power Time that looks into the year ahead – to give us wisdom, insight, focus and practices for the now, and what’s coming next.

2024 is an 8 year – connected to the energy of Internal Strength + Shining our Light while making sure we are deeply rooted into what keeps us centered, stable, vibrant and aligned.

It’s also a wood Dragon year – which signals transformative growth and elevation, supported by the feminine (water) and strong natural structure (earth). These archetypes + what the natural cycles are indicating + the commonalities I am sensing form the themes, focuses and inquiries I’ll share with you.

Tune in for this year’s Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead – in two parts. Part 1 focusing on giving you insight into the bigger meta themes + powerful inquiries you want to be asking yourself so you co-create a reality that keeps you centered, aligned, radiant and stable as you let go + grow. Episode #231: Finding Your Strength in The Stretch.

Wisdom to Consider:Stability & safety cannot be created in the mind. Stability & safety comes through the body, which then informs and calms the mind and heart.

Note: If you are listening to this later, no worries, it is still all relevant. It’s about reading the signs all around us, feeling the knowings within us, and then being WISE about what is happening in the world and how we desire and choose to show up.

Themes Emerging as we Find Our Strength in the Stretch. 

  • Stay Light. Stay Awake. Stay Aware.
  • Create the Next while Savoring the Now.
  • Create a Strong Root System that Supports your Stability – mind, body, heart, spirit.
  • Work & live in rhythm with the natural cycles to create a reality that has harmony, even within the chaos.
  • Let go to Grow.
  • Strengthen your Connection & Practices.

Tune in with me. Bring paper to write the themes & Wisdom inquiries to contemplate (also posted below).

See you there!


>>p.s. BE AN ELEVATOR, SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH ONE PERSON — Just share, or dare create connection by ‘doing’ the inquiries together. 




Finding Your Strength in the Stretch
Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead

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1. Feminine Wisdom Way 2024 – Vision. Lead. Live. Succeed. the way women naturally work best. Two ways to participate. www.FeminineWisdomWay.com



1. What parts of me or ways I operate need to be let go or shapeshiftd so I can evolve &  elevate?

2. What can I lean into to keep me stable as I stretch to grow & let go?

3. What support & structure can I root into to cultivate harmony within me, so I stay centered mind, body, heart and spirit this year?

4. Where am I still trying to do it on my own? What actions could I take or practices could I put into place to strengthen my connection?



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