Feminine Wisdom for Year Ahead (Part 2): Find & Keep Your Shine in the Stretch

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Feminine Wisdom For the Year Ahead:
Find & Keep Your Shine in the Stretch
(Part 2)

Last Feminine Power Time we talked about the “meta” and “collective” – what the themes, energy and patterns are in the larger field as we go into 2024. This gives us wisdom for how to move through this year.

Today, we turn to the “personal” – what are the themes, awarenesses, perspectives and ways of looking at our lives and our choices within them. So we can walk through 2024 centered, sustained, focused on what matters, using this catalytic time for our good and the good of all. Without burning out, running back to normal or missing the possibility. 

Tune in for this year’s Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead, 2024, Part Two. Find & Keep Your Shine in the Stretch.

I’ll share with you a series of themed wisdom and inquiries + practices that I’m applying myself and using with all the leaders and communities I work with.

I will also take you through some embodied integration of the wisdom, so it really lands in your body, being and brain.

Here are some of the Wisdom Pearls you can put in your pocket to guide your choices now and in the months to come – use these proactively + also in the moments when you get the internal wobbles, or the external world or circumstances threaten to pull you into the swirl.

Themes Emerging as to Keep Your Shine in the Stretch. 

  • FIND THE FEMININE. When you get the wobbles, slow down to find the feminine flow – ask, What do you need to RECEIVE?
  • FIND MY CENTER. Get deeply rooted into the truth of who you are. From this centered place, then you make choices, take actions or just do the next step.
  • FIND MY PART.  Know what is no longer yours to do, and release or shapeshift. Embrace what your part is and focus there, without apology or guilt.
  • FIND CONNECTION. Know the difference between growth pains and struggle, and suffering that creates distress.

See you there!


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Find & Keep Your Shine in the Stretch
Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead

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  1. Feminine Wisdom Way 2024 – Vision. Lead. Live. Succeed. the way women naturally work best. Two ways to participate. www.FeminineWisdomWay.com
  2. Align to Your Design – Career & Life Design Mentoring & Consulting with Christine – https://christinearylo.com/align-to-your-design-career-leadership-mentorship/



  1. Triangle of Transformation – article and video –  read and watch
  2. Overwhelmed & Over It Book – Chapter 1, 6 and 8 – learn more.



Wisdom Inquiries

  1. What do i need, desire and require this year?
  2. What is my part going forward – professionally in my career? Personally in my family/community?
  3. What is NOT my part?


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