The Year-End Downshift: Reflow. Refocus. Release. Receive. (A Practice for Creating Space for What Matters)

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Feminine Power Time: The Year-End Downshift: Reflow. Refocus. Release. Receive. (A Practice for Creating Space for What Matters)

When I think about the power of the last 4 weeks of the year we are completing, and the first 4 weeks of the year to come, I wonder what it would be like if our culture reflected and supported people to: turn inward to their creativity … turn toward each other in meaningful connectivity… and to tune into their body/mind/heart/spirit for what they needed to restore and regnerate at deep levels.

I imagine a world in which we were taught that these last 4 weeks of a year cycle have so much wisdom and freedom to give us ... if we create the space to reflect and honor all we have done and become …

And as we turn toward the next cycle consciously consider what we choose to release and leave behind … so as we step into the next cycle, we can more fully co-create the next while living the now.

Last year, I realized that I had been doing year-end podcasts and blogs since 2007 – focused on avoiding holiday overwhelm, starting and ending the year differently, living with the cycles, completing the year clear … so much wisdom and practice there still totally relevant – I put these episodes in the Series Library for You Here. 

This year … I tuned into what we needed to support us in this bigger cycle shift we are headed into, to elevate the conversation, and open ourselves up to the co-creative power that is here for us … if we create the space.

Here’s the Wisdom I Received: Create Space for Inspired Creativity + Meaningful Connectivity + Restoring Your Deeper Wellbeing

Tune in and I’ll lead you through this to apply in your life and reality now, including:

  • Lean into & Embrace Creativity. Release the pull to more producivity.
  • Use the practice of Reflow and Refocus to create space
  • Create Space for what you are co-creating in the next year/cycle by Releasing the roles, responsibilities, and roots that you no longer need/no longer serve going forward
  • Create Space for Restoring at deep levels – mind/body/heart/spirit – by saying NO to what subtracts from your creativity, connectivity, and wellbeing, and YES to what supports
  • Try the Holiday Self Sustainability Practice – Choose 3 Harmonzing Words + Release 1 Sabotaging Habit and Embrace 1 Supportive Habit

It’s a juicy way to open to receive in ways that keep on giving, even after Jan 1, in ways that don’t add calories or credit card debt 🙂

With great heart,


P.S. Elevation Action: Share this podcast with a friend, so you can support each other real time. Invite them to join you for the Year End Reflection Ritual, and do it together.


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