Shift Your Relationships So They Work for You #149 (#2 of 3 in Redesigning Our Relationships Series)

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Feminine Power Time #149

Series #2 of #3 in the Redesigning Our Relationships

Our relationships with other people are some of our greatest joys and challenges… they stretch us in so many different ways… they are teachers, catalysts, and initiators. And by nature, they change over time. When we are in relationship to our relationships, we gain the power to make shifts in them before they become sources of drama, distress, and dis-ease.

But let’s be honest, most of us spent more time in our education learning math and memorizing facts we will never use, and not enough time on what it looks like to be a human who knows how to maintain, nurture and grow healthy relationships. Let alone how to have the kinds of courageous and compassionate connections and conversations that are needed to navigate the emotional terrain of our relationships with each other.

While I could do a whole separate podcast on relationships, and maybe I will someday, I decided to focus this episode of Feminine Power Time #149 of “How to Shift Your Relationships so They Work For You.” And I invited the man who taught me about 85% of what I know about relationship and who often has saved me from relationship landmines. This is #2 of 3 in our series of Redefining Our Relations.

 In this episode of Feminine Power Time #149

Shift Your Relationships So They Work for You
(#2 of 3 in Redesigning Our Relationships Series)

Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and my partner in life, love and business Noah Martin. Together, we dive into:

  • Where the power lives to make shifts in the relationship that are not working for you
  • How to tell when a relationship is not working for you
  • Where NOT to focus trying to do things differently


  • How to identify your triggers and the ways you are creating the reality you don’t want
  • How to see what’s happening with the other person which empowers you to change things vs. blame things

We’ll share some practical tools you can use in real time such as:

  • The power distortions to beware of : Co-signing and Control
  • How to tell if you have a potential thriving partnership or a relationship its time to let go
  • How to ask for what you need to create harmony
  • What to do when conversations start to go sideways

And then send you into the world to try this and see what happens – brave, courageous soul!

Relationships are one of the ways we can create a better world for ourselves and the planet. It’s not for the faint at heart … but it’s where the gold is.

See you there.



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