Pace Don’t Push: A Wiser Way to Achieve and Succeed

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Feminine Power Time #148

Pace Don’t Push: A Wiser Way to Achieve and Succeed

Driving, striving, grinding is not the only way to succeed, achieve and live. Pushing to deadlines – ours and others – that make us sick and stressed out is not the only way to be productive and get stuff done. It’s just how we’ve been trained to work, nose to the grindstone, climbing mountains, giving it our all until there’s nothing left.

But what if there was a different way? A wise way? One that created realities in which what really mattered got done … where we had space to breathe and savor our efforts and every day lives … where people were treated as human beings not machines … and we motivated ourselves by energized inspiration instead of toxic pressure?

This reality is not a fairy tale. It is a possibility. It is a perspective shift on productivity that empowers you to redefine success.

And it is a practice – one that if you are brave enough to implement it in your work, career, projects, relationships and expectations will lead you to a lot more freedom, fulfillment and impact, because you are focused on the right things in the right timing … aka you are working in the flow vs. pushing forward ignoring the signs.


In this episode of Feminine Power Time with feminine leadership advisor Christine Arylo
#148 Pace Don’t Push: A Wiser Way to Achieve & Succeed,
take an exhale and prepare to release the unnecessary pressure
you’ve been feeling from others, or putting on yourself.

And then go into your life and start putting PACE DON’T PUSH into practice in your every day choices. Expect resistance. Expect fear. Move forward anyway, in the flow, vs forcing your way through.

Here’s some of what we’ll dive in:

  • How do you tell the difference between pushing that tears and pulling that stretches
  • What pushing feels like when you are wasting energy, time and money or trying to do things too fast
  • Why do we push instead of pausing ?
  • Why are we scared and resistant to resetting deadlines? Or moving delivery dates?

And at the end of the podcast I will lead you through a visualization to:

  • Reveal where you might be pushing and wasting your life force and resources.
  • Give you a practice that will help you stop the push, find the pace of grace and work in the flow

I am so looking forward to having this conversation with you.

See you there.

With great heart,




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  • Sarah

    Hi Christine! I use Spotify to listen and I can’t leave a review there, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate your podcasts. They are like coming up for air after being under water. They help me breathe, focus, and live the way I want to live. Thank you for the work you put into them.

    Love love love your work.

    • Christine Arylo

      Thank You Sarah so much for posting here. A big boost of love received to my heart from yours. Fuel to keep me Feminine Power Timing 🙂 Good to be connected.

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