Making the Planet Personal (#3 of 3 in Redefining Our Relationships Series)

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Feminine Power Time #150

Series #3 of 3 in Re-Defining Our Relationships Series

If you and I change how we think about our relationship with the planet, we will find a lot of power and wisdom to make positive change in simple but profound ways. In the last of our three part series on redefining our relationships, we dive into our relationship with the planet… which can sound kind of vast, and esoteric, but I can promise is you is indeed profound.

It really is often the subtle places – if you know where to look and what inquiries to make bring you the most powerful shifts. Both in your larger perspective that guides your bigger life choices and in the practical everyday and how you feel within your life during this intense time on the planet.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time #150
Making the Planet Personal
(Series #3 of 3 Re-defining Our Relationships Series)

Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, author and teacher, for this episode of Feminine Power Time: Making the Planet Personal.

What is Your Relationship to the Planet? Just that question alone is a mind shifter and consciousness elevator … my relationship with the planet… hmmm, what would become possible if you were intentional about your relationship??

Tune in to find out as we dive into a series of wisdom bytes meant to give you something to chew on and contemplate and a handful of wisdom inquiries to support you to make wiser, different choices that expand possibility.

As we always do at Feminine Power Time – I will marry the timeless ancient wisdom with the modern day …

What if…

  1. We were stewards of land vs. owners of property?
  2. We saw planet not as a resource but as our home?
  3. We valued cultivating prosperity over accumulating wealth?
  4. We saw ourselves as global citizens vs. tribal protectors?
  5. We saw ourselves as part of nature vs. nature something we visit, observe or live in?

Consider the choices you make in big and small ways:

  • What do I take for granted, that it will always be there?
  • How can I think globally and act locally?
  • What simple choices can I make as act of harmonic defiance – that have the power to inspire others too to do things differently in way that creates harmony?

And then lastly, I’ll share with you a dis-ease that is affecting all of us, that is one of the root causes for the disease we see on the planet. I call it the IHF, the ignorant human factor. Learn how you can cure it within yourself and also use it to find compassion for others. And ultimately use it to fuel and focus what your part is to do a human’s whose current home is earth.

See you for the conversation!




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P.S. As we move into March Equinox, which is a time for shifting our patterns, so we create a rhythm that is in alignment I am going to be shifting the posting day of new episodes to SUNDAY’S.

I’ve been feeling into a new rhythm and this is what feels right for both of us. That way I can tape it on Fridays without feeling like I have to rush to get it out to you. And you can expect it on Sunday morning so that you can have it to set up your week. You will get it right to your feed. And if Sunday doesn’t work, you can listen to it anytime that week.

I’ll talk more about this next week as an example of practically using the feminine wisdom way of working.

But for now, you can rely on the Sunday rhythm until June Solstice when I will check in again to see how it’s working.



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