The 6 Realms of Feminine Leadership- A Structure to Hold & Guide Us in The Year Ahead

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Structure to Hold Us & Guide Us In The Year Ahead
with Christine Arylo, leadership advisor, coach and wisdom teacher

Without structure we are like windsocks with no poles, like pioneers with no destination, like lemmings who follow the main stream.

With structure, we can create a path that provides enough focus that we become empowered and more courageous and confident to walk into uncharted waters and the uncertainty.

Join me, Christine Arylo, leadership advisor and wisdom teacher as I share a structure for thinking about the year ahead through the lens of the six realms of feminine leadership.

First watch the video.

Then I put the model here so you can take a longer look at it.

Use it and what I share in the video to think about how to structure your year – giving you both the space you need to reset and restore, the focus you need to achieve what matters most, and the courage and supports you need to make the shifts you desire.


The six realms of feminine leadership :
First you need a strong foundation:   Path, Practice, Personal Sustainability
And then, they support you to create in a sustainable, aligned way through your Presence, Purpose and Power.

Second, after you watch the video, consider the support, connection and structure you need and desire for this year. Then give it to yourself. Work with the Universe to call in what you need. And take simple but mighty steps to create the reality you desire.

Remember …. this year,:

Pace yourself not push yourself.

Go deeper, into your own wisdom and the higher wisdom beyond the mental mind.

And deeper to find the imprints for how you work, relate and operate that are not sustaining you.

Take a stand for your personal sustainability in the design of how you work, set goals, design your life and relationships, and value yourself.

Because, if you don’t take this stand, the systems around you will keep taking from you in ways that drain vs. sustain you.

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