Power Pause: 4 Inquiries To Get Your Habits & Choices into Harmony

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Feminine Power Time Power Pause:

4 Inquiries To Get Your Habits and Choices
into Harmony for the Months Ahead

Join Christine Arylo for this Feminine Power Time, an equinox Power Pause, 4 Inquiries to Get Your Habits and Choices into Harmony for the Months Ahead. One of the four Power Pauses she shares each year, this one focused on what wise leaders and people do to:

  1. Illuminate the imbalances in the different realms of your life – so they don’t become drama, disease, disaster and distress
  2. Shift habits and patterns in your daily life that might have been aligned before, but need to shift as you head into this next cycle
  3. Focus on and commit to the intentions, projects, relationships that are ready and ripe to grow and prosper
  4. Set a new rhythm for your day and week that supports and sustains where you are now, and what you are creating and managing these next three months, into June Solstice.

When you pause at near the equinoxes and solstices, your internal rhythm aligns with the natural rhythm… you gain the power to reset habits that might have been okay in months prior but need a shift.

And you gain clarity on how to focus your life force so what you spend your time, energy & money creates what you desire.

Power pauses are leadership best practice, a wise way to run your business, organization or team, and I believe a must if you want to stay sustained and sane in a world in which we feel so much pressure to do so much. And then don’t have what we need to sustain ourselves.

Every year I hold power pauses at this 4 key shifting points, the equinoxes and the solstices, March, June, Sept and Dec – within my Feminine Wisdom Way training, some virtually, some weekend retreats and some for companies and organizations.

I do this because this yearly practice of pausing 4x a year I believe is something most of us where not taught how to do, but when we do it, everything in our life works in better harmony. It’s how I run my life, business, partnership, relationships, and grow what is important to me.

Each power pause has a different focus and flavor depending on the time of the year. Tune into this Power Pause traditionally done around Equinox.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time #151
Power Pause: 4 Inquiries To Get Your Habits and Choices
into Harmony for the Months Ahead

In Feminine Power Time, I can’t share with you entire power pause process for March Equinox but I can give you a 40 minute power pause with 4 simple but mighty inquiries – like a mini Harmony Adjustment for your life

  1. Look at your sacred work and career – what is in harmony? What is out of harmony? What is calling for your attention?
  2. Look at your relationships – what is in harmony? What is out of harmony? What is calling for your attention ?
  3. Look at your health, wealth, home – what in harmony? What is out of harmony? What is calling for your attention now?
  4. What if you chose to create from a place of joy? What would JOY feel like in you or for you?

Bonus. What is ONE habit or pattern in your morning flow that isn’t in harmony to keep doing into this next season?

RELEASE this. Then what is ONE habit or pattern you can EMBRACE and place into your morning flow this next cycle?

We don’t give up everything or go militant. We choose a few things to elevate and release, and also receive pleasure too.

Tune in.

Listen to the power pause. Journal on the questions.

Invite a friend to do the Power Pause too and ask each other the questions. And support each other to make soul-aligned, supportive, sustainable choices.

With Great Heart




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