176: Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead (Part One)

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Feminine Wisdom for The Year Ahead (part one)

Every year in January I wait to do this special Feminine Power Time session – Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead – until the timing feels just right. This year, it was exactly just past the first full moon of 2022 (called “the wolf moon”), in the energy of the phase of the moon cycle all about initiating primal feminine power.

Feminine power is not about running into this year from fire like hit-the-ground running energy. Nor about mentally figuring it all out. Nor about waiting around for some new normal to settle in place.

The wolf is a symbol of free untamed feminine power, the teacher who guides through action. It reflects to us the need and desire to maintain our independence and sovereignty while also living and working in our packs, with time to play, create  … and rest.

I’ve been thinking of you all for the past two weeks and what would emerge to be shared on the yearly “Feminine Wisdom for The Year Ahead” episode. I always wait for the wisdom and focus to emerge … which it did, yesterday during my morning practice.

After weeks of being in my own reflection and visioning process, watching what’s happening in the world, deepening in my own practice and listening for guidance from Wisdom with a capital W, once again, a series of ‘wisdom bytes’ flowed out.

It all popped out like a stew that had been cooking for weeks. That’s letting the feminine lead, stillness then swiftness (which is a theme for this year especially, more on that).

Tune in for this year’s Feminine Wisdom for the Year Ahead,  – 2022, a yearly occurrence here at Feminine Power Time. It’s not about fortune telling, it’s about reading the signs all around us, feeling the knowings within us, and then being WISE about what is happening in the world and how we desire and choose to show up.

Feminine wisdom teaches us to prepare for the intensity, uncertainty, transformation and change that is just part of how the world is operating right now.

Not to brace yourself for it, but to embrace it, pace yourself through it and cultivate the vitality, resilience and wisdom you’ll need to stay elevated above the fray and the chaos.

This year, we’ll do this in a two-part series. Part one focused on the meta and part two the personal.

Tune in with me, Christine Arylo, leadership advisor and women’s leadership and empowerment teacher, as we dive in. 

See you there!


p.s. Come over to the Feminine Wisdom Cafe where women are sharing their dreams for the world and for themselves. We’d love to know and witness yours.





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