Ep 85: LOVE: The Impact of Self-Love on Our Relationships

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Wisdom Session: The Impact of Self-Love on Our Relationships

Feminine Power Time Episode #85 with Christine Arylo
Episode 3 of 4 in the LOVE Series

In this special Wisdom Session, taped live on Self Love Day, Christine Arylo, MBA, founder of The Path of Self Love School, best-selling author of Choosing ME before WE, hosted this special session, where you will learn:  

  • The most common self-love weaknesses that lead to bad relationship choices
  • Why it’s so hard to break repeating unhealthy relationship patterns – and how to get to the roots vs. treat the symptom
  • The common signs of a lack of self-love that cause smart and successful or sensitive and kind people to make terrible relationship choices
  • Reveal how your current relationships – romantic, friendships, family, colleagues – are affecting your career, wealth, health and dreams  
  • How to teach people to set the right expectations and levels of vulnerability so they don’t set themselves up to be disappointed, deceived or drained
  • How to teach people to go beyond the stories in their heads and the wounds in their hearts to get to the root of their own healing using self-love practices and creative ‘heart art’
  • We will also answer questions about our upcoming teacher training on Self Love & Relationships, which like a yoga teacher training, can be taken for personal and professional reasons. For people ready for a deep dive and mastery in the realm of self-love and relationship

Note: This Wisdom Session was offered as video stream originally. You are receiving the audio of the video stream.

And make sure to tune into the first episode, #84 (2 of 4 in the LOVE Series): One Man’s Perspective on Relationship, with Guest Noah Martin

To learn more about The Path of Self Love School go to www.PathofSelfLove.org


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