Strategic Surrender & Focused Fluidity

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Feminine Power Time:
Strategic Surrender & Focused Fluidity
(#3 of 3 in the What is the Feminine? Why Do We Need It? Series)

One of the biggest reasons so many of us can feel so busy, overwhelmed, fragmented, pulled in a million directions … like no matter how hard we work or how much we do, we just can’t reach our goals … is because we are operating from half-power vs. whole-power.

So we over work, over effort, try to do too much, choose careers  or paths that are not aligned for us.

We operate like speed boats vs sail boats – we are moving so fast, focused on the next, we can’t even savor what we’ve worked so hard or given so much to create or take care of.

Or we are adrift like lost boats out at sea, without the focus and intentional steps to ride the waves and let the wind carry us to our aligned path.

Christine Arylo Teaching

There is a different way … if we can access some of our full power spectrums. I’m over the moon excited to share with you two power spectrums that give us a path to Do Less. Receive More. Achieve a Greater Impact (while savoring the process!)

1: Strategic Surrender

2: Focused Fluidity

Tune into #3 of 3 in our What is the Feminine? And why do we need it? Series. #213: The Power of Strategic Surrender & Focused Fluidity.

These two power spectrums bring in the feminine, marry it with the masculine. and creates the HOW we can stay focused on our goals, missions, people we care for … in a way that we can savor the process… make progress through momentum … and achieve the kind of success that includes wellbeing of planet and people.

Consider this: Success without wellbeing, or having the space to savor the process, is not success.

Redefining Success Christine Arylo quote

Some of what we will dive into… 

  • How to go from making it happen to focusing on what matters now
  • Revealing whether you are too strategic and focused or surrendered and fluid
  • Learning what RBG and sailboats can teach us about sustainable success, purposeful patience, and working in smart ways that focus our resources + leave room for synchronicity and divine timing

I will also walk you through applying the power of strategic surrender + focused fluidity to an area of your life now.

See you there.


p.s.  >> REQUEST – SHARE this podcast with a friend and then PLAY with the two power spectrums to see what wisdom emerges when you apply strategize and surrender AND intentional focus and intuitive fluidity to the situation.


Strategic Surrender & Focused Fluidity

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