Feminine Wisdom for Living in a Banana World

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Feminine Power Time:
Feminine Wisdom for Living in a Banana World

At the start and midpoint of the year I always like to pause and put on my “wisdom goggles” to see what is really going on in the world – behind what we can see what our logical eyes or within the our day to day lives. I do this because it helps me see the bigger patterns that are going on… to see beyond the screens of frenzy and chaos … and to see how what i call ‘the banana world’ is affecting me in ways I may not be noticing.

I also take this pause with my super powered wisdom goggles to trace where the energy is going in the collective culture … and how and if I want to respond to it. Which informs me so much on how I choose to focus my life force.

I created this Feminine Power Time #214: Feminine Wisdom for Living in a Banana World, as a sort of mini power pause to stop and take a look around you and what is happening in the world … not to be overwhelmed by it, but as an observer who is at choice about how you want to interact within it.

I’m inviting you into this practice today as one of the primary practices you can strengthen to stay rooted and stable in the now, while you navigate the new, and make sure you don’t get affected or infected by the banana world energy that can drain you and distract you without you even realizing it.

  • Come play with me the “What am i Noticing?” game.
  • Learn about some of our super cool wisdom tools – such as the wisdom googles, the overview pattern seer and the frequency detector.
  • Hear what I am seeing in and outside of the banana world, and use my insights to support you in any way that resonates
  • Contemplate the liberating wisdom teaching : “Be in the world, but not of the world.”

I also will walk you through a process/meditation that cues you into how the banana world might be amping up unhelpful energies for you … in whatever threshold or challenges and changes you may be in… and then take you through a 4-step practice I call Fear Shifting.

See you there!


p.s. Remember to SHARE this with a friend to Elevate together –>  share your thresholds/changes and walk each other through the 4-step From Fear to Flow Fearshifting practice.


Feminine Wisdom for Living in a Banana World

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  1. EXPERIENCE: MID YEAR POWER PAUSE: Join us for the annual mid year Flow Power Pause – Learn more www.flowpowerpause.com.
  2. RESOURCE:  OVERWHELMED & OVER IT BOOK – page 224 for the 4-step practice and inquiries


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