Overwhelmed & Over It: A Letter to the Women of the World

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This is a special broadcast of a letter I wrote to from my heart to the hearts of the women around the world when I was writing Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World

I often write a letter when writing a book, to help me tap into the heart and soul of why i am writing this book, and why I feel so passionate about sharing the perspectives, wisdom and stories enclosed in it.

For this book, that letter became the opening. Today, on the one year anniversary of its publication, I am sharing it FIRST here with you on Feminine Power Time as a special podcast broadcast.

Why? Because every time I sit down to create and tape a Feminine Power Time, I intend to connect with you heart to heart… to be real… to share openly… to bring insight and wisdom… and to be space where you can deeply tap into your deep internal wisdom.

For 5 years, the listeners of this podcast have been with me, here, having these conversations that much of the world is just waking up to.

The world’s been crazy for a long time. It’s just now, it’s catalyzing at warp speed, because we MUST change. People and the planet have been burning out for decades if not centuries.

But the game isn’t over.

You and I are the makers, creators, mothers of the world … we shape culture by how we make our choices and use our voices … we create reality … but not if we get swirled into the swirl, can’t see the systemically-generated and self-induced burnout games and structures.

AND we need each other, to help us tap into what is real, she what is needed, and then from our deep wisdom, embrace our power to choose differently and say NO MORE to what’s not working.

So today… I share this with you…

Get some tea or vino or pelligrino. Or just take a chill moment in the sun. And tune in.

May this release some pressure and create more courage and clarity and connection for you today.

with great heart,



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