167: Sacred Rage. Holy Grief.

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Anger and grief are good human emotions. They have the potential to open up so much for us – individually and collectively. Lead to healing, breaking down barriers, breaking through to better realities.

The problem is that most humans weren’t taught how to express anger or grief in healthy ways, so it comes out sideways in distorted ways, or it gets stuffed down until we blow up or get sick. Sometimes we are the receiver of that big emotional eruption and other times we are the “unleasher” or “erupter” on someone else.

Join me for this Feminine Power Time conversation – Sacred Rage. Holy Grief. – where we explore perspectives and practices around dealing with the kind of rage and grief that comes from people’s/our wound, and how to it differently in ways that lead to wholeness. We will explore inquiries like:

How do we…

  • Discharge anger & grief? So it doesn’t build up inside us and leak out or erupt in distorted ways?
  • Have big emotions like rage and grief about the world, about our reality, about other people’s actions or choices, without them consuming us?
  • Using our big emotions to heal ourselves and ignite creative action that inspires?
  • Deal with other peoples misdirected rage and grief?
  • Respond to the things that piss us off, in powerful ways that make the world better vs. adding to the chaos.

See below for some of the practices I mention in the podcast.

I’ve been contemplating this topic for weeks and weeks, waiting for the right moment to arise. Today it did.

After you listen, share with me one insight you took away that spoke to your heart, or illuminated a wisdom bite for you. (on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe).

With heart,



Resources mentioned:

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Kriya for Releasing Anger  



If this speaks to you, so appreciate you sharing it with a friend. Then the two of you can conversate about it too. And support each other in taking your big emotions and using them for healing and creating.




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