Navigating Uncertainty: 6 Structures to Stay Stable During Transition

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Navigating Uncertainty: 6 Support Structures to Stay Stable During Transition
with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, coach and wisdom teacher

Without structure to support you as you go through the challenges of navigating uncertainty, you will feel more like a windsock with no poles, like pioneers lost in the wilderness.

How do you stay stable when you go through change and transition?

How do you support the people you lead, guide and influence to stay centered during the change whether that’s your team at work or you family at home?

Here’s the wisdom:

With structure and the right kind of support, you can the power and wisdom to create a path that provides enough focus that you feel empowered. So as you find yourself navigating the uncertainty of uncharted waters and terrain, you feel centered, courageous and calm.

And when you wobble or get scared and want to run back or stay put, you have others around you to reach out a hand to guide you forward.

When you are going through times of transition and change you need more support and structure, not less.  But many people don’t know the support they need so they can’t ask for it or see it when it shows up.

So while all transitions are challenging and full of uncertainty, they experience a lot more turbulence and struggle, leading to more anxiety and unnecessary troubles.

There is a different way to go through a change and the process of navigating uncertainty.

Embrace that needing support is not weak, it’s human.

Knowing the support you need is wise.

Receiving the support and investing in the support – time, energy and money – is the stretch for most of us.

In this video, we’ll start with the first two – embracing that naming you need support is a sign of strength. And getting clear on the support and structure you need is smart.

Join me, Christine Arylo, leadership advisor and wisdom teacher as I share a structure to help you think about structure and support.

The Harmony Star of Support

First watch the video.

Then I put the model below so you can take a longer look at it.

Use it and what I share in the video to think about what support you need now at this time. Don’t overwhelm yourself – you may need them all! Do choose one or two focus on the next quarter, the next 3 months. Focus on growing and getting those.

Then come back and you’ll be surprised in how short a time you can actually create a stable foundation that supports you through this transition.

Navigating Uncertainty Harmony Support Star


The six realms of support during transition and transformation – so you can move through with harmony.

Second, after you watch the video, consider the support, connection and structure you need and desire for this year. Then give it to yourself. Work with the Universe to call in what you need. And take simple but mighty steps to create the reality you desire.

Remember …. this year,:

Pace yourself not push yourself.

Go deeper, into your own wisdom and the higher wisdom beyond the mental mind. Connect with your intuition.

Create and do a daily bookend practice so you start and end your day connected. 

Stay focused on your part.

Connect with community in which you resonate.

Receive support.

Then stay connected!

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