Saying No More To Taking More and More On

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Feminine Power Time #152
Saying No More to Taking More On
(#2 of 3 in Soul Aligned Sustainable Success Series)

If we just keep taking more on – in our work, in our relationships, and world – we will burn out, get sick and not have the impact we desire to make, nor receive the lives our hearts and souls crave. We need to learn to say no more to taking on more.

But we can’t help ourselves – most of us feel over stretched and overwhelmed because we keep taking more on, as if it’s our only choice. Something has to give, and this time, it cannot be you.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time:
#2 of 3 in our Soul Aligned Sustainable Success

Christine Arylo, author of Overwhelmed and Over It! takes us into a conversation that will:

  • Illuminate the systemic and social realities that have created a culture – in our society, in our organizations and in our families – that always demands more.
  • The hub of the systemic distortions around how we value growth and success that have gotten imprinted into we approach and think about our relationships, work and choices.
  • Why in the 50 + years working women have been in the workforce, we are more stressed not less.

Wisdom Byte: The systems have not sufficiently changed to support women in the workforce, so we just kept doing more! Because we had to.

We’ll explore and expand possibility by looking at two of the imprints that drive us to make unsustainable choices in our lives, relationships, career and work. And RELEASE those. And learn two self sustaining imprints to embrace instead.

Imprint #6:

  Release: It’s better to give than receive.

  Embrace: It’s better to give AND receive. Imprints that we inherit from our family and how we were educated that cause us to value how much we sacrifice ourselves or how much burden or pressure we can carry.

Imprint #7:

  Release: Work Hard to Succeed.

  Embrace: Work Wise to Thrive. Which causes you to plug the holes and needs of the systems and people around you, like the little Dutch Boy.

And two self sustainability practices for doing things differently, to work wise.

Just give enough.

Don’t plug the holes. Let the system re-shape itself.

See you there!


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