LOVE: Power of Self-Love to Heal & Free Yourself and This World #130 (Series #1 of 3)

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LOVE: Power of Self-Love to Heal & Free Yourself and This World

Feminine Power Time Episode #130
Series #1 of 3

We talk a lot about the power of the mind, how thoughts create our realities, personally and collectively. And while that is true, here’s the deeper truth: our heart is our true power center.

It’s the heart and its wholeness or its woundedness, coupled with the cellular imprints within our bodies that inform our thoughts, which drive our actions, which create the realities all around us.

Right now at this time on the planet, our hearts and our bodies are being triggered to react from the wound and deeply embedded imprints rooted in fear, shame, blame.

Even for those who have been ‘doing their inner work’ for years, decades… even for people who are educated and trained in mental health, emotional wellness, and spiritual development… WE ARE ALL BEING TRIGGERED, or like I like to say, BEING INVITED TO HEAL our WOUNDED HEARTS SO WE CAN BE FREE TO LEAD AND LIVE FROM OUR WHOLE HEARTS, rooted in wholeness, wellness, aka LOVE.

Choosing to embrace and dive into your own healing is an act of sacred activism … being the change, the healing, you desire to see in the world.

Which is why I am creating this next three-part series for us at Feminine Power Time all about tapping into and working with THE POWER OF LOVE … not in some kind of mamby pamby, meme, fluff, greeting card kind of way, but in the straight up, deep dive, get to the root of what is real and true kind of way, so we can create lives, relationships, families, systems, economies, governments, healthcare, and more rooted in wholeness vs. recapitulating wounds.

When we return to wholeness within our own hearts, we will finally begin creating family systems, organizational systems and society systems that cultivate wholeness and wellness by design.

There is a beautiful wisdom teaching that says: Put Love at the Center of All of Your Choices.

What would be true if you did put love at the center of all of your choices? Not the self sacrificing love, where you don’t get what you need. Not the romantic kind of love we see in the movie screens. I mean real LOVE. Pure love?

What would become possible if we put LOVE at the center of how we designed our systems and societies and organizations? Not in some fluffy pink cloud kind of way, but real true love, compassion, care, gratitude, courage, passion, heart wisdom, trust?

These are big questions that have the power to bring us all through this. But we have to break this down to work with it practically.

If you want to change something on the outside – in your life, in the world, in any situation – there is only one place to begin, if you want lasting transformation vs. just another lesson from the Universe you keep getting again and again.



In this Feminine Power Time #130:

LOVE: Power of Self-Love to
Heal & Free Yourself and This World

(Power of Love Series #1 of 3)

This will not be fluff or ear candy. Or spiritual platitudes. Trust me. We will dive into, get real and open to wisdom about:

  • What self love really is and why it is relevant to every choice we make big or small
  • What’s happening for all of our hearts and bodies, even those who have done lots of inner work, and what’s needed now.
  • What you want to know about how your heart works so you can discern between whether you are making choices and thinking thoughts rooted in woundedness or wholeness

You will:

  • Gain Self Awareness of what’s wanting to heal in your heart now so you can be free to lead yourself, those you love and this world.
  • Be led through 3 Inquiries that will help you create more clarity and self-trust
  • Receive a big dose of love – medicine of self love – so you’ll just feel good after!
  • The opportunity is to use the power of self-love to heal the wound, return to wholeness, and then free, we lead & rise.

Tune into this session on the power of self love.
May it serve to support you to create the life and world you desire.
Love is that powerful.

With heart,


Wisdom Inquiries from Session

1. Self Awareness: Who am I not any longer? Who am I today? Who am I Becoming?

2. Self Acceptance: What pressure am I putting on myself to be something I am not, to be more than I am right now, to be farther ahead, to be different than I am? If I embraced who I am and who I am evolving into, what judgement against myself could I release? What would releasing this judgement free me to do/be/feel?

3. Self Compassion: If I was gentle, patient and understanding with myself, what words would I speak to myself right now? How would this self compassion free me ?

4. Self Trust: How am I being guided to do things differently? Where am I being guided to be right now?



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