What Is Your Part To Do? #2 of 3 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself in 2020 #114

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Feminine Wisdom for The Year Ahead: 2020
#2 of 3 in Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself in Intense & Changing Times
Feminine Power Time Episode #114

It is way too easy to over give and overcompensate in our work and relationships and then get overwhelmed and distracted, and diminish our impact, and worse, deplete ourselves. Especially in these intense and changing times.

Which is why we are doing this series in Feminine Power Time on powerful inquiries to ask yourself for 2020 and beyond, so you can stay centered, calm and clear… focused on what matters.

This specific inquiry is at the root of feminine leadership – it’s all about taking a stand for your self-sustainability and for giving and receiving in harmony in our work and relationships. It’s also about feminine power and making a greater impact in your work and within the lives of those you love and lead.

When you know your part in your work you not only become more effective, you affect greater, lasting change.

When you know your part in your relationships, you stop over giving and feeling like you have to do it all or you are failing at doing it all. You embrace that you are one person in a constellation of people and support that collectively cares for others. WOW the spaciousness and lack of guilt that happens when you really embrace this.

This is also about purpose – when you can name your part to play in this bigger world, you too stop feeling like you are not enough or not doing enough because you see how you are making a difference in what is yours to do.

#StayFocusedOnYourPart – that’s the self-sustainability stand.

As leaders, we apply this stand to three realms of our lives – our work, our relationships and our physical foundation of health/wealth/home


In this Feminine Power Time:
Stay Focused on Your Part
What is Your Part? What’s Not Yours to Do??

#2 of 3 in a series
on how to Stay Centered, Calm, and Clear in Intense Changing Times in 2020 & beyond

In this session, I’ll share more about:

  • what staying focused on your part means – and how it’s essential to doing meaningful work, growing your work or business, not taking on too much, and gaining the power to say NO I can’t without guilt
  • why we have such a hard time not taking it all on whether it’s at work or in our relationships
  • how to get an upgrade in who you work for so you can stop feeling so pressured and start receiving the support you need… and trust that others will too
  • honing in on your super powers so you can get clear on your part in the world, in your work and in your relationships.

At the end of the session, I’ll walk you through a personal meditation and visualization to help you get clear on what your part is and what you part is not in the 3 realms of your whole life …. and then take a stand to stay focused on your part this year

This is preventative burnout and overwhelm care. It’s self empowerment. It’s feminine leadership. It’s wise.

I look forward to diving in with you!

If you missed Powerful Inquiry #1 – What is Holding Me? from last episode, make sure to tune in. And stay tuned next week for #3 inquiry.



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