What Do You Need to Be Sustained This Year? #3 of 3 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself in 2020 #115

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Feminine Wisdom for The Year Ahead: 2020
#3 of 3 in Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself in Intense & Changing Times
Feminine Power Time Episode #115

During the week of Self Love Day Feb 13th I taped the 3rd of our 3 part series on Powerful Questions to ask ourselves as we make choices for the year ahead … so we can stay centered, calm and clear in these intense times. This final episode poses an inquiry that will take you into the heart of what YOU need to be sustained – physically, mentally, emotionally and materially … a question that if we don’t pause to consider we inevitably will end up stretching ourselves way too thin, giving too much, without receiving what we need.

The word sustained is a powerful word I invite you to take into your heart and life … the root means ‘to hold’… when you are SUSTAINED, you feel HELD… so you are so much more able to actualize your dreams, desires, projects, purpose … when you are SUSTAINED, the strong foundation under and around and within you fuels the courage you need to stay clear and centered.

When are not SUSTAINED… not receiving the financial flow you need… not having the home you need… not having the supportive relationships you need… when you feel you are giving so much more than you are receiving in return… your body, mind and heart get wobbly, tired, exhausted and eventually burned out or sick.

SO LETS NOT DO THIS YEAR in a way where you sacrifice yourself.

The invitation from my heart to yours is to take radical acts of SELF SUSTAINABILITY… as you make choices in your career, relationships, money, health, consider and get real about what you need to be sustained. I think the answers will enlighten and embrace you.

In this Feminine Power Time: What Do You Need To Be Sustained?

#3 of 3 in a series
on how to Stay Centered, Calm, and Clear in Intense Changing Times
we will dive into this inquiry together.

Christine Arylo will share what SUSTAINABILITY for YOURSELF actually looks like. This is so beyond self care.

And take you through a series of questions that will help open up your clarity about what you need this coming year to be sustained – in all four realms.

Self Love Day Blessings
whenever you are tuning in,
remember that taking a stand for your self sustainability
it’s better for everyone and everything.



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