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Breaking Through Patterns: Wisdom for Dancing Through The Collective Patterns Playing Out  (#3 of 3 in Series)

As the world turns and shifts, things seem to go sideways, uncertainty rises, intensity & anxiety wratches up, how do you stay centered, calm and clear? How do you work WITH the energy vs be WORKED OVER by the energy? Breaking through patterns is both a individual and collective thing.

These are fundamental inquiries and practices we have been exploring and implementing here at Feminine Power Time since we started this podcast in 2016 … because we are in transformational times, and during such times, we need access to insight, tools and wisdom to dance through.

Consider this: What if this cycle of time is about breaking free of systemic and self created patterns that no longer serve? So we can rise into realities rooted in harmony, sustainability, wholeness and connection?

And while there may be forces that would do anything to keep things the same, the force of our collective heart power has the ability to lead the way forward into a better world for people & planet?

This is not wishful thikning or spiritual bypassing. It’s co-creating the next while we stabilize in the now and heal from the past. Here’s what we “do” …

For this last part in our series, we will shine a light on some of the “Collective” patterns playing out – we are all influenced by these because we are part of the “WE” of people living on the planet. When you can name and see these patterns, they stop having power over you, and you gain power to lead your way and others way through.

Then I will share with you 3 ‘dance’ patterns – wisdom to put it play within your life now  to dance through these collective shifts – these can support us to release the things we no longer neeed so we can be free to create and rise into this next evolution – of me + we.


Let’s go deeper  – Tune in to #3 of 3: Wisdom for Dancing Through The Collective Patterns Playing Out.

Tune in to #3 of 3: Dancing Through The Collective Patterns Playing Out

Join us for this year’s annual Mid Year Power Pause – starts every June Solstice – to reflect, reset, refocus-  www.FlowPowerPause.com  

Here’s a sneak peek at the practices/patterns to put into play the rest of this year that I’ll walk us through. 

  • Be Here Now
  • Take Space to Experiment
  • Focus on Your Part and Purpose for this Next Cycle
  • Preserve. Let Go. Create the Next.

See you there!


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Wisdom Dancing Through The Collective Patterns Playing Out

#3 in 3 Breaking Through Patterns No Longer Serve You Series  



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