8th Anniversary Marker: What is Evolving Within & Around You? Creating Space for What’s Next

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Feminine Power Time:
8th Anniversary Marker: What’s Evolving Within & Around You? Creating Space for What’s Next.

So excited to be landing here with you on the 8th anniversary of The Feminine Power Time podcast for a special segue conversation and exploration we navigate and co-create the next – for ourselves, those we guide & influence and the world. 

I have been asking myself, “What is next for this podcast? What is next for me? What is next for us?”.

Which led me to creating the centerpoint of our conversation today: “What is Evolving Within You?  Around You?” …  How Do We Create Space for What’s Next While Tending to the Now… How Do We Preserve What We’ve Already Created in Ways that Create Momentum?” 

Another way of saying that to yoruself is … “How do I allow the process to unfold through and around me … stay attuned to my design …  accept (savor) where I am, while expanding into what is possible, even while I cannot see cleary yet?”

Per usual here at Feminine Power Time, I will share less answers, and more inquiries and perspectives to support us to move through the shifts happening, supporting us to evolve so we can elevate, with grace, power, purpose, sustainability, compassion and wisdom.

Tune in with me for this special episode of Feminine Power Time: The 8th Anniversary Milestone: What’s Evolving Within & Around You? Creating Space for What’s Next.

First, a personal share on:

  • My own evolution journey calling me to make shifts now that have been in motion for several years.
  • What changes and shifts of focus I am saying yes to + still exploring
  • How I am dancing between the next and the now

Second, practices, inquiries and perspectives to support you to work with what is evolving WITHIN you and AROUND including:  

  • Evolve from Essence
  • Create a co-creative incubator space to play, listen, not have to create or know
  • Bring language to what is at the center of your vocation, wellbeing & life for this next bigger cycle
  • Feel for where the flow is going and leading you to naturally
  • 5 ways to preserve what you’ve created & garnered over the years, and receive from the momentum.

Third, what’s next for Feminine Power Time, starting with:

  •  Season 8 1/2 vs 9, A Spacer for us all called A Season of Light
  • Inviting you into a 3 month / moon cycle container devoted to those of us here on the planet to re-imagine, re-design and elevate – guiding, influencing, and supporting people and systems to elevate.
  • Inquiries and wisdom to receive INSIGHT and WISDOM to keep your light bright, stay centered and attuned to your design, and evolve and elevate into the next expression.

I look forward to sharing with you what’s been on my heart for months now.

And for a Season of Light to come at a time those of us daring to do things differently and lead through our voices, choices and presence into the next era, can use as much light as we can open to receive.

And seeing many of you for the annual Mid Year Power Pause – starts June Solstice week – www.FlowPowerPause.com

See you there.


*** P.S. Remember to SHARE this podcast with at least one friend or colleague. And then conversate on what is evolving within and around each of you.




8th Anniversary Milestone: What’s Evolving Within & Around You? Creating Space for What’s Next.

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  1. Mid Year Power Pause – Reset, Realign, Refocus-for second half of the year www.FlowPowerPause.com .
  2. Align to Your Design – Career & Life Design Mentoring & Consulting with Christine – https://christinearylo.com/align-to-your-design-career-leadership-mentorship/



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