Do Your Holidays Differently: Choose What Sustains You vs. Drains You – Feminine Power Time #107

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Do Your Holidays Differently:
Choose What Sustains You vs. Drains You

Feminine Power Time Episode #107

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While the holiday marketing and messages promise us tidings of peace and joy the reality is that the consciousness of over-culture is set to get you and I to buy more, consume more, and do more.

And while we all want more meaningful connection, and the last two months of the year can be full of invitations…

It is way too easy to say yes to things because of obligation, habit or fear of missing out.

Every year as we go into November, I take a stand for us all here at Feminine Power Time to do things differently –

In how we make our choices for how we spend our time, money and energy so that come the new year YOU FEEL SUSTAINED and REPLENISHED – emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and mentally.

The next few Feminine Podcasts will support you to do this – full of wisdom, practices and permission.

And I also host three Feminine Wisdom Sessions, one in Nov, one in Dec, one in Jan that go even deeper and give you the structure to make choices that support you to achieve and do what matters (more on those below).

Feminine Power Time


 For today’s Feminine Power Time:
“Doing Your Holidays Differently: Choose What Sustains You vs. Drains You” I’ll take you through:


  • The 3 C’s for Doing Your Holidays in Ways that Sustain You: Consumer. Connect. Conserve.
  • Consuming: How to wake up and see which choices for what you buy and what you put in your body sustain you (and the planet), and which don’t.
  • Connect: Say NO to gatherings/invitations that drain you and Say YES to what sustains you, without feeling guilt
  • Conserve: How to monitor your life force and resources so you don’t deplete them, but instead start the new year full.
  • 2 Wisdom inquiries you can use when making choices to keep you true to yourself
  • 1 Harmonizing Practice that will keep you out of overhelm and burnout, and keep you giving in harmony vs overgiving.


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