Pre-Holiday Pause: Create Space for What Matters to Get Done By Year End

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Pre-Holiday Power Pause: 4 Inquiries to Support You to Create Space for What Matters
& What You Want to Get Done by Year End

Feminine Power Time

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When you take a pre-holiday power pause in November to get clear about how you COULD spend your energy, time and resources and then mindfully choose where to focus in your work, relationships, and personal health … you are so much more likely to end the year feeling good about your choices, and so start the year ready and regenerated for what is to come.

This practice is called POWER PAUSING.

Wise women do it 4-8 times a year at key points that harmonize us with the natural cycles.

Specifically we do it in November so we don’t get caught up in the swirl of the holiday madness and consumption, but instead make space for what matters.

So many people fall into patterns during the holidays that drain and over stretch then – in how they spend their time, money, connection and what they consume.

The holidays turn us into human consumption machines when what we are craving is human connection.


Take this Pre-Holiday Power Pause:
“4 Inquiries to Support You to Create Space for What Truly Matters & What You Want to Get Done by Year End,” Christine Arylo, women’s leadership advisor, in which I’ll share wisdom and walk you through a guided power pause:

  • Teaches you about power pauses: Why they work and how they support us as leaders, especially during intense times
  • Gives you 4 inquiries to ask yourself at the end of the year to complete what really matters and stay sane, sustained and strong: You can apply these to your work, relationships and personal health to create the space to complete what matters most to you by the end of the year.
  • Shares how to stop the holiday time patterns and rituals that drain you and create new ones that sustain you: You will leave empowered to say NO to the obligatory holiday to do’s that don’t support you any longer.
  • Shares how to use these feminine wisdom inquiries to create deeper connection with your partner, team, friends and yourself.


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Wisdom Inquiries from Today:

  1. What do you desire to be true about your sacred work in the world come spring next year? What do you need to focus on the last part of this year?
  2. What will you complete by the end of this year? Choose only what feels empowering and sustaining … 1-3 things for each realm at most:
    * Your Work
    * Your Body/Health
    * Your Home
    * Your Financial Flow and Wealth
  3. Look at your holiday rituals through the end of the year -what drains you? what sustains you?


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