Fierce Grace Talk: What I’ve Learned from Gloria Steinem – Feminine Power Time #108

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Fierce Grace Talk: What I’ve Learned from Gloria Steinem that Can Support Us in Intense Times

Feminine Power Time #108

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One of our most powerful sources of courage, clarity and wisdom comes from listening to the stories and experience and insight of women who have walked the path before us … comes from asking inquiries that seek to take us deeper into the heart and expand us into new possibility.

Our power as women comes from being in heartfull, honest, no b.s. conversation with each other, where there is exchange, sisterhood and truth.

The Fierce Grace talks are meant to be that for us here at Feminine Power Time.

I’ve wanted to do these for awhile now … and while ones to come will likely have women talking live…I’ve now had the honor of being in conversation with Gloria Steinem twice.

Once seven years ago 1:1 at a bistro in San Fran, and last night in a room of 2,000 in Seattle.

Both times she delivered wisdom bytes which have opened up awareness and given me confirmation of what we need as women, as humans, to stay centered, keep the hope, stand for peace and love and be agents of elevation and connection.


 In this Feminine Power Time Power Pause #108:
“Fierce Grace Talk: What Ive Learned from Gloria Steinem,”

I synthesized three potent pieces of wisdom, ‘wisdom bytes’, for you and I to chew on and apply to our lives now. Coupled with some of my own stories and an ending meditation to take this all within yourself. As well as, inquiries to make this practical now to meet the intensity of the world in your own place of fierce grace.


  • Women can’t have it all if that means doing it all
  • Our power as people comes from being linked
  • Imagine your future self walking the path ahead of you. Let her lead you.
  • Growth comes from saying yes to the unknown
  • Gather yourselves
  • From The Truth will Set You Free, But First it Will Piss You Off


Here’s a picture of Gloria and I in 2012 when she gave me the first piece of wisdom that opened me up to create the body of work that will be in Overwhelmed and Over It!

p.s If you have any thoughts on how to best connect again with Gloria to share the wisdom she shared with me that I wrote up in the new book, email me at


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