Get Witchy: Reclaim Your Feminine Super Power of Intuition – Feminine Power Time #106

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Get Witchy! Reclaim your
Feminine Super Power of Intuition

Feminine Power Time Episode #106

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Within you lies a great power that you are likely only using a very small part of – your Feminine Super Power of Intuition.

In ancient times it was called “The Sight” and women, and men, were killed for having and using it.

Women were called witches, whores, evil sorceress just because they could tap into what scientists now call ‘the quantum field’ to access insight, direct knowing.

What does this have to do with you?

One of the biggest reasons we don’t trust ourselves, doubt ourselves, don’t speak up, don’t feel confident, don’t take the leap, or take a risk, or we stay stuck is because we don’t have embodied access to our intuitive power nor do we know how to use it.

And for thousands of years if you had it or showed it, you were a goner. Witch was just an easy way to shut women, and men up.

You need access to, and ways to strengthen your intuitive power to meet these intense times … to SEE what is real… to SEE what is B.S. fed to you by the over-culture or other people… to SEE what your soul is trying to wake you up to.


I created today’s Feminine Power Time:

“Get Witchy: Reclaim Your Feminine Super Power of Intuition” for you.

I literally taped it on the crescent moon, on Halloween with candles lit… let’s dive in:

  • What is a Witch really? Why is it connected to how empowered you feel now?
  • Why do we have ‘feminine fear’: The fear to speak up and stand out or do things differently?
  • The 5 access points of intuitive power: Which are weak and strong within you?
  • Two practices for accessing deeper wisdom: Try them, I think you will love them!
  • Why you resist opening your ability to ‘see’ and access this wisdom
  • What this has to do with the current reality of power-over systems and how people try to control the images, stories, realities we live in.
  • How to expand your Intuitive Sight and use it to empower yourself and guide your work and life in good ways.


I wanted to give a special thank you to Lisa Lister author of the book “Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic” for the definition of what witch really is. You may never use this word in how you describe yourself, but you want to understand what it means and see how it’s been used to disempower women and men for far too long.



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