POWER PAUSE: Mid Year Reflect and Redirect: 6 Inquiries to Get Focused On What Really Matters the Rest of the Year

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POWER PAUSE: Mid Year Reflect and Redirect: 6 Inquiries to Get Focused On What Really Matters the Rest of the Year

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There is SO much you could do the rest of the year, so much and so many you could give to, but what really matters to you??

One of the smartest things we can do at the mid-year point is to pause, reflect, realign and redesign what we are going to focus our life force, resources and time on. This is true for how you run your work life – business, team, organization, career, classroom, etc. And how you run your personal life – wealth, health, home, relationships. For SO many reasons. 

This is what I call taking a Power Pause. It’s a feminine wisdom way practice and a feminine leadership success principle. It’s how we make sure we create realities that are both successful in what we desire to create and cause AND that are sustainable.

It’s also a best practice for getting out of overwhelm and the feelings that you are never doing enough or have enough. 

I’ve been doing Power Pauses myself for a decade and every year at this time I teach mid-year power pauses, which I call FLOW for focus your life force on what matters, in many different forms. A virtual program/retreat, in-person retreats and for women’s leadership groups and teams within organizations.

For you beloved Feminine Power Time listener, 4x a year I do these special Power Pause episodes that include 6 inquiries that are like a Power Pause appetizer. They give you a taste of the full process, and enough of a taste to give you some wisdom bytes about what you truly desire this coming year.


In this episode, “POWER PAUSE: It’s Mid-Year, Time to Reflect & Redirect: 6 Inquiries to Get Focused On What Really Matters to You the Rest of the Year” I will share with you:

  • How to make sure all parts of your life get love and attention, so you don’t end up lopsided, out of balance, or giving up what really matters.
  • Why our productivity, happiness and impact increases when we work with the natural flow of the earth

And I will take you on a guided journey to:

  • CELEBRATE & ACKNOWLEDGE all you have done already this year! So you feel like you have done enough
  • GAIN CLARITY ON WHAT TRULY MATTERS TO YOU – so you make space for what you really want
  • FOCUS YOUR LIFE FORCE NOW so come next year, what you desire is coming into form
  • CREATE SPACE by letting go of what’s not working or needed, or by moving things to ‘maintenance mode”.

In the Feminine Power Time, I’ll share 6 inquiries, which I also listed below. I invite you to journal on them. Invite a friend or your partner out to dinner to share about them. And then if you want to really receive the benefit of the mid-year Power Pause, take the online version, you can do at your own pace or join me at one of the in-person weekends or evening workshops.


1. Celebrate and acknowledge one thing you have done this year. Acknowledge one way you have made a difference in a persons life this year.

2. What would you love to have the space to do this year?

3. What would you like to be true by next year?

4. What has the potential to flourish if you focus on it?

5. What needs to be let go? Composted.

6. What can you put on maintenance mode to make space to grow other things?



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Keep reading below for more resources, books, classes and feminine wisdom:


ONLINE Mid Year Power Pause & Feminine Wisdom Program

 Mid Year Power Pause – Do anytime in July

Register – www.FlowPowerPause.com 


6-month Feminine Wisdom Way Training includes the FLOW Power Pause, which is the path of living, leading and succeeding in a way that supports you to achieve what matters AND be sustained. We only open enrollment in January or June/July for this.



With Christine Arylo

Harmonize and Rise Mentorship with Christine Arylo


TRAININGS with Christine Arylo

5-Day Path of Self Love Immersion Retreat – July 2019 –  Kripalu

  •  Path of Self Love Training


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