97: COURAGE & CLARITY BOOST: Feminine Wisdom for Intense and Changing Times

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COURAGE & CLARITY BOOST: Feminine Wisdom for Intense and Changing Times

Feminine Power Time Episode #97

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What is currently stretching you? Catalyzing or challenging you? Calling you to release, shed, complete so that you can step into what is next? In your career, relationships, community, family, health or wealth? And could you use a boost of courage and clarity to make choices, release the old and step forward?

Good! Me too! Which is why I created this Feminine Power Time for you. Its is a Courage and Clarity boost that will strengthen your CLARITY about:

  • What you are being guided to release and let go so you can make space for the new
  • What roles & responsibilities no longer serve you, in your work or relationships, so you can consciously complete them
  • What the next steps are in the short term so you can stop short-circuiting yourself or stressing yourself out about not knowing the how.
  • How to strengthen your trust in the Universe and your self-trust to make wise choices and courageous leaps.


  • Take leaps into what’s calling you in your work, relationships and expression, now
  • Have the inner self-confidence to step forward even if you can’t see ahead or don’t know the path
  • Make wise choices grounded in both reality and possibility


I’ve been doing these Feminine Wisdom for Intense and Changing Time episodes for a while, and based on the survey feedback I received so far, I’m going to make them part of the regular rotation.

In between the 4 major Power Pause times – Solstices and Equinoxes – there are 4 minor ‘super power days’ when the earth and cosmos make an energetic shift.

In the Feminine Wisdom Way we use the minor shifts to add ‘love’ and wisdom to whatever we are growing and tending in our lives – be that our work, relationships, health, wealth or presence.

Here at Feminine Power Time, I’ll bring a simpler version to you, focused on what I’m guided to share, and what wisdom inquiries are connected to that specific time. 

This Courage and Clarity Boost was taped on the super power of day of Lammas, August 1st – but you can listen any time and get the benefit. Lammas is a day for being at choice to what you are going to harvest this year and what will also affect your year next year. It’s a time we use the feminine super power of Catalyze to consciously choose what roles, responsibilities and ways of expressing we want to SHED so we can be free to express who we desire to be now, and to have the space to grow in what our soul is calling for.

Enjoy the Clarity and Courage Boost! I’m shedding right along with you too!





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Keep reading below for more resources, books, classes and feminine wisdom:


With Christine Arylo

Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Vision Quest Weekend for Women. Early November 2019.


Transform Your Inner Critic. Empower Your Inner Wisdom – Path of Self Love Training. Starts Sept 26th.
 Path of Self Love Training



Wisdom Inquiries from this Feminine Power Time

1. What is stretching and catalyzing me right now? In my work, relationships, health, wealth or personal expression?

2. What do I need to shed or let go of to make room for what’s wanting to emerge – Roles? Responsibilities? Robes of Repression, in my work or relationships?

3. What is the next step for me to take? Just the next step?

4. What does my Inner Mean Girl/Guy – that inner force of fear, doubt — have to say about making this shift?

5. What does my Inner Wisdom know is true?

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