98: JOY BOOST – Stop Starving Your Soul

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98: JOY BOOST – Stop Starving Your Soul

Feminine Power Time Episode #98

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You know your lungs need oxygen to breathe. You know your heart needs love to feel safe and supported. You know your body needs water to survive. But did you know that your soul needs joy to thrive? And that more than likely due to the pressures of your life, your soul is hungering deeply for the joy it’s being starved from. And this is affecting your health, your feelings of happiness, and even your real wealth. This is not coachy blah blah… this is straight up feminine wisdom for how you make sure that you have what you need to thrive in these intense times.

Are you happy? Really? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel like you have the space in your life you need? Do you feel like your life is nourishing you? We need you to feel JOY inside so you can make the impact you desire to make! It cannot be about all work, taking care of others and giving without you receiving! 

Last week I delivered a COURAGE boost to your heart, to help you receive the love you need to feel courageous and be courageous in your choices now and ahead.

This week’s Feminine Power Time is a JOY BOOST – I am sending directly to your SOUL to increase your levels of wellness, contentment, happiness now … not for when you go on vacation or reach nirvana. To make it through these times, our souls need JOY daily. Receiving joy is a choice, a practice – both.


So many amazing beings I know are trapped in life designs that do not support their soul and inner harmony. We consciously choose to do this differently… today we dive into:

  • What is Christine talking about when she says JOY is SOUL FOOD – and why I want to know this.
  • Signs that you are starving for joy.
  • Checking in with yourself about how you are treating your body and soul – a workhorse, neglected child, racehorse, something to whip into shape.
  • The Feminine Leadership Principle and self-love promise of #designalifeilove – how to use this to make change in your life.
  • Are you savoring your life or speeding through it?
  • 3 wisdom inquiries to reflect on what really nourishes your soul – so you can start making sure you get this daily, or before you deplete yourself.

Consciously cultivating JOY as part of your daily life design and overall life design is one of the wisest choices you can make... do not discount it as woo woo, new agey or for later. Doing so will save you time, energy and money and more importantly will make sure the life you are living in the one you really want.


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Keep reading below for more resources, books, classes and feminine wisdom:


With Christine Arylo

Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Vision Quest Weekend for Women. Early November 2019.


Transform Your Inner Critic. Empower Your Inner Wisdom – Path of Self Love Training. Starts Sept 26th.
 Path of Self Love Training




Self-awareness Inquiries: (taken from The Path of Self Love) 

  • I feel more free / most free when … 
  • If I could do something just because it made me happy, I would choose to...
  • I just love to… (answer this for yourself today, but also as what you loved when you were a little person.)


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