96: RECEIVE: Receive More Love, Connection & Support in Your Relationships

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RECEIVE: Receive More Love, Connection & Support in Your Relationships

Feminine Power Time Episode #96
#2 of 3 in the Open to Receive Series

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We are taught to be strong, have self esteem and project confidence. We desire to have meaningful ‘relationships’ in both our ‘romantic’ life and ‘friend’ life.

But most women I know are lacking the connection, support, intimacy, affection, and acknowledgment they need and desire in both areas of their life.


We are weak receivers. Our capacity to receive the love, support, care, intimacy – aka your Love Quotient – is low. So even if the love and connection comes, you don’t actually let it in, really.

We’ve had to protect ourselves and so have built walls around us or become like teflon. So the connection cannot really get through.

We are so busy doing, we don’t have the space for true connection.

And more…

Our human heart needs love to thrive just like our lungs need oxygen to survive.

open to receive feminine power time on relationships


This three part series of Feminine Power Time is called OPEN TO RECEIVE. 

In this Feminine Power Time, “Receive More Love, Connection, & Support in Your Relationships”, #2 in our series called OPEN TO RECEIVE, Christine Arylo dives into the realm of intimate relationships. Your life partner relationship and your sisterhood and deep soul family.

Tune in to reveal and become more aware of:

  • Where and how you are blocking the love, support, connection, intimacy, acknowledgment, affection you desire
  • Signs you are blocking love and support
  • Your specific self-sabotaging love strategy for protecting yourself – which is repelling the connection you desire
  • Simple but might practices for opening yourself to receive more connection, support, care, love, community
  • 4 inquires to take into your life laboratory and gain more self awareness to how you are pushing away that which you desire in your relationships
  • How you show up in your friendships connect to how you show up in your romantic relationships
  • How your relationships – or lack of – affect your success in your career and work life 

Most of all come to press a pause on all the pressure you put on yourself to achieve in your career or to take care of others …. and be honest that you desire more love, connection and support in your life.

This episode of FemininePower Time is a choice to create space for what truly matters to your heart.

That doesn’t make you weak. it makes you wise and a woman.


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And come back for the next OPEN TO RECEIVE session,
focused on feeding your soul, instead of stuffing your body, home or life with what doesn’t truly nourish you


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Wisdom Inquiries from this Feminine Power Time

Consider the relationships you desire – in your beloved partnership life and in your sisterhood (for women), brotherhood (for men) or soul circle for any gender. Notice what you desire. And what is true now.

1.   What am I protecting myself from?

2.  What strategies am I employing to protect myself?  Over protecting? Over giving? Walls around my Heart? Teflon affect?

3. What opens my heart?

4. What do I desire to receive in my beloved partnership? in my soul circle?  Connection? Camaderie? Intimacy? Recognition? Acknoweldgement? Affection?

Then go into your life and notice when you are contracting away from the love,  and when you are expanding.

Choose to expand your love quotient – use the mantra I OPEN TO RECEIVE!

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