Self Love: Are We Missing It?

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What is self love, really?
And how do you know if a lack of self love is at the root of what you  & those you love are struggling with?

Every year at this time for the past 11 years since I founded the international Day of Self Love (February 13th) and The Path of Self Love School, I struggle with how to communicate with people what self-love is and why they should care. I have often felt like I have access to this golden medicine that can heal and free our hearts in all the ways we desire, but it’s not quite as sexy as how to find your soul mate, gain flat abs or make seven figures.

But I knew that was part of the assignment when I took it on.

To translate the deep spiritual wisdom of self-love that can often feel esoteric and vast into practices we can use NOW in our modern lives.

Self love is not just self esteem. I have seen so many confident smart women with high self esteem choose relationships that beat them down. I’ve witnessed the most successful women beat themselves up with negative self talk that would make a sailor blush.

I’ve seen women and men  settle in their careers, relationships, and lives because they lacked self love and they didn’t even know it. And I’ve been that woman myself which is why I know that self-love is essential, for us to know deeply within ourselves so we can model it as leaders , parents, guides and mentors.

And then add to that what I see  happening with our young girls and boys – the bullying, the pressure for perfection, the self-harm and cutting, the confusion, and the social media nightmare, I am MORE committed than ever to bring this message and medicine and the self-love processes and tools it’s taken me a decade to create and test to the world. Self-esteem is not enough and the over focus on it is causing us to miss this deeper wisdom our children, and we need.

We can only model what we ourselves live. 

If we wish our children, clients, beloveds, family, friends, team to  have the inner power to only choose loving, respectful situations and relationships, to live and speak their truth, to trust themselves and follow their hearts… then we have to be strong enough to do that ourselves (this is self-love).

I  founded The Path of Self Love School  because this mission is one that is much bigger than me… it needs MANY people.

So I invite you to join me for this week’s Feminine Power Time, not for a nice conversation about self care and self esteem, but a real, raw dialogue about how we can  change the perception of self love and teach it to those we love, guide and lead. 


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