Sacred Work. Sacred Rebels. Are you feeling called to make shifts too?

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Feminine Power Time: Are You Feeling Called to Make Changes Too? Sacred Rebels & our Sacred Work.

We don’t need “jobs” and “careers.” What we need is the clarity to allow our sacred work to emerge through us, as us, & the courage to follow our hearts and inner guidance into the mystery.

Even if it requires us to step out of our comfort zone or act differently than what  seems ‘normal’. 

I am  writing you this afternoon from the studio in Valley of the Moon California, the day after my birthday,  to share some changes that are happening in my life. I’m sharing, because, well I feel like we are connected on this crazy journey called life, and I intend that these weekly wisdom letters and Feminine Power Time podcasts can be sources of wisdom, inspiration, courage and confidence for you as you navigate these intense, unknown and changing times.

I’m seeing SO many people in the midst of change. Especially those of us who have chosen to live our lives differently, follow our truth and inner wisdom, and take leaps of faith. It’s like we can FEEL a change is coming or is needed. At first we resist it and struggle with it. Then,  if we have been wise enough to create support systems, we let go, surrender, and breakthrough, and step into the mystery to let the next step unfold.

The best words I have heard to describe this is living as a  “sacred rebel’  – one who dares to live in harmony with a deeper truth, to step out of conventional wisdom and their comfort zones and the common culture status and success measures, to live their lives as their ‘sacred work.’  

We get that we are evolving and changing, and that our work is so much more than a job or career. And often it’s our job/career/business that becomes the catalyst for the change that our soul is calling us to step into. But it can be scary because we have to let go of what we have known and who we have been to become who we are destined to be. And it’s challenging because we have needs on the physical plane, money, housing, etc. that make it seem almost impossible to make shifts, or as my dear friend and guest on this week’s Feminine Power Time Jenny Blake call them – PIVOTS.

I invite you to tune in with me for this week’s Feminine Power Time – Sacred Rebels, Sacred Work, Shift is Happening!, as we redefine and lay the path for how to use your work in this world to design the life your heart and soul are calling you into. And come over to the Wisdom Blog where I’ll share more about what is changing for me – including a move and a pivot in my own sacred work…


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I’m Making Changes.. and bringing the wisdom teacher of love & feminine wisdom + the MBA leadership consultant with me!

The shifts happening through me, instead of to me…

1. Leaving the Home I love, for a time.  Noah and I and Sahaji are moving on March 3rd (the people who own this house are coming back and we haven’t found anything here yet that fits what we need.) So we are heading to an island off Seattle for a month so I can finish my next book proposal. Then we will see what the universe has in store. This has been really challenging for me, but because I know home is a catalyst for me, I’ve been able to have some profound breakthroughs. I’m excited even though I don’t have any clue what’s next.

2. Retiring my role as “the Queen of Self Love” – after 11 year of teaching self love, and two years of building The Path of Self Love School, I will be the acting founder of the schoolI will still be the primary teacher for our teacher trainings  and our two directors, Lea Guthrie and Stacey Hoffer, will be running the day to day and new programs including programs to work with moms (and brave dads) to support them to raise children to love, trust, and respect themselves, piloting the work in spiritual centers and speaking at conferences on the path of self love.

3. Coming out to do more of the Feminine Leadership work I’ve been waiting for the leaders and systems to be ready forIn 2009, I did my first feminine leadership workshop at a Haas/Wharton MBA event, which is when I realized that the world wasn’t really ready, yet. So I’ve been working privately and in groups with women leaders since then, who often found me through self-love. I’m working with women leaders within the systems  – corporate, business, political, education, healthcare, and more – to bring in different ways to lead, both with their emerging women leaders and also teams run by women leaders. I’m working as an advisor to these women. And creating programs for leaders to access and use their intuition, get out of overwhelm and burnout, integrate the masculine/feminine within them to lead from their whole self, and embody the feminine so they can lead like the powerful women they are – in fierce grace.I love working as an advisor for those sacred rebels here to make shift happen.

4. I’m writing the next trilogy of books – the next one, Overwhelmed and Over It, should be out by early next year. There are real reasons we can’t get out of burnout. If we don’t, we cannot be the leaders we are here to be.  And there are tools and wisdom we just didn’t get on the job or at school or from our families.

5. Once Noah and I find our next home base after the writing retreat, I’ll be doing more private mentorship, group retreats and a feminine leadership retreat and program later this fall. I’m also planning on speaking and teaching more where women are gathering to access their courage, confidence, clarity and sisterhood to make shift happen, and lead the way to creating new realities. If you have events, groups or conferences you are part of or know about, I’d love to know more. You can always connect with me at this email address.


What you see here, and what you will hear in the podcast, is that we don’t have to cut and run and walk away from what we have done. Instead we elevate our leadership, bring in people to carry on the work and then step into our new assignment. For me, I am not walking away from self love – loving yourself is CORE to feminine leadership and to healing this world and raising our children. You cannot be your full powerful presence without self love. I have just created space for other women to lead, and that allows me to lead the vision for the school and play my part as the primary teacher. And that frees me up to write, speak, advise, consult and work with the leaders who are here to make shift happen and elevate  the way we live, and work into one that creates more harmony and more support for how humanity actually lives. It’s time for the self sacrifice, power over models to go. We are the ones who will lead the way, by being the change we wish to see … EXCITED for the years ahead! xoxo




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