Follow Your Heart, No Matter What: Stepping into the Change with Courage

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Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo:
Follow Your Heart: Step into the Change with Courage

“Follow your heart.”

It sounds simple, even trite, but it’s anything but.

This wisdom byte is DIRECTION on how we navigate these intense and changing times.

If you are facing a change, or feeling like you need to make a change or knowing that a change is coming

You can either step in with courage and compassion and grace OR

You can suffer, spin, get stuck and miss out on the expanded possibility you are being called into, but you just can’t see yet.

Stepping in the unknown…

Deciphering the messages of your heart…

Conjuring up courage and clarity…

Having deep trust…

These are not skills we where taught in school or on the job – although we should be. As leaders in our lives and work and families, we have to know how to tune into the heart – not the mind – where the answers to the how, when, where lie.

In this Feminine Power Time, the last recorded in her home in Valley the Moon (I’m in a big change) Christine Arylo, women’s leadership advisor and wisdom teacher invites you to bring the change you are facing or feeling into this heart provoking, illuminating conversation to:

    • Learn the wisdom behind these simple words FOLLOW YOUR HEART and how they apply to leading your life
    • Decipher the messages of your heart and the guidance for how to create the path ahead
    • Gain courage and clarity on how to step into the unknown
    • Why FEELING and EMOTIONS are the gateway to your freedom
    • And of course, a meditation and several inquiries to make this personal to your journey now …


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