New Year Power Pause #2: What Support do YOU Need this Year?

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RECEIVE SUPPORT. What if this year you received the support YOU needed – to do your work, take care of those you love, including yourself?

As you begin this year, if you don’t pause to consider the support you need, you either won’t get it, or you will miss it, or you will push it away. 

Wisdom guides us to PAUSE at the start the year and consider the support we need, proactively and specifically.

Reality: Women operate like banks who only give withdrawls -we give and give support but we don’t RECEIVE the support we need, in our work and families to keep us healthy and well taken care of. Then we get sick or frustrated, feel exhausted and overwhelmed and begin to resent the things we love the most. And the hard truth is, we do it to ourselves.

The thing is we all NEED support. But somehow as adults we’ve forgotten and deny this very basic human need.

I talk to so many people who feel anything but fully supported. Some of us have bought into a “distortion of feminine power” that says we should be able to do it on our own, figure it out, be stronger, be more self sufficient. Others of us fall into the mindtrap that points out all the ways we don’t have the time or money to get the support we need and keeps us focused on all the ways in which we are not supported, which keeps us looping in that reality. And truthfully, when you don’t feel like you have access to the support – be it emotional, financial, relational – it can feel like you are all on your own.

But that is where TRUE feminine power & wisdom comes in. Like much wisdom, it requires we embrace things that are sometimes hard to swallow like this one: the support we seek from the outside has to start with what we let in, receive, and are open to on the inside.

Now stay with me ... I know this may sound trite or like some spiritual platitude, but it’s not. Like all wisdom, it’s simple, but if you dive deep in, there’s gold. I am speaking very plainly and practically here…

With all my heart, I believe this conversation about BEING & FEELING SUPPORTED is essential... WAY beyond some 7 steps to self-care, this is about our livelihood and our abiliity to have the strength to play the long game and be victorious in our missions, causes and work.

If we as women don’t start receiving the support we need in our work, our families and relationships, for our health and peace of mind, we aren’t going to make it or be able to accomplish the things we desire to see happen in this world… at least without sacrificing our own wellness as a result. The feminine requires we be supported as we do our sacred work and work together to create the world we desire, raise children who feel loved always, and be lights and agents of change.

Feminine power and wisdom is knowing the support you need…

ASKING for it…

and being OPEN to receiving it in the form it shows up in.

Feminine power is choosing to NOT keep running the storyline that you don’t have the support you need
(even if it feels and is that way at the moment).

Feminine wisdom is not sucking it up and pushing on through.

Feminine Wisdom is opening to and connecting with the infinite supply of support
as a requirement for how you work, live and lead. And often doing so will feel vulnerable. That’s where courage comes in.

So at the start of each year, we take a power pause
to ask “What is the support I need to Receive”
and using our feminine super power tools,
we set out to receive and cultivate that support.


In this week’s Feminine Power Time, I, Christine Arylo, invite you to join me to take a POWER PAUSE with Wisdom and learn:

  • Why we push away the very support we crave and need
  • Why asking for support can feel needy and weak, and how to receive support from your feminine power
  • What support you need to achieve what you desire and create the reality you want in work, relationships, and your health and wealth
  • How to use the Wisdom Tool of “The Wings of Support” to clarify the support you need
  • How to work with the Universe to receive the support, even if it comes in forms different than you thought

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Wings of Support


Support You Can Receive from Me

Grace Under Pressure:
Feminine Wisdom for Thriving in Intense Times –

Eslean, Northern California March 22-24 2018

Feminine Wisdom Weekend – A Mid Year Power Pause
Access Your Intuitive Super Power & Illuminate the Path Ahead
Kripalu – East Coast U.S.A. – July 27-29th

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  • Karen

    Thanks been following you for a few years now. I must say you have grown in your ability to share your message. I appreciate you very much. continue to find peace and share it and meet the challenges like helping others overcome resistance and recognize their limiting beliefs.

    • Christine Arylo

      Karen – thank you love for the reflection. Honored and grateful to be connected on this journey … may we all have the courage to look within at our own resistance and choose love over fear. Much love, Christine

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