The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down: Trusting the Natural Flow

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The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down – when you use it you make wise choices, create more harmony & get more done. When it’s absent from your life, you work harder, deplete yourself, and make choices from fear. Try it. Trust it. Love it!

I have had a hard time embracing and trusting this aspect of the feminine super power ever since my spiritual mentors told me I needed to slow down. I misunderstood what that meant. My inner achiever freaked out. But I’ve become to understand it. And it is saving my life. And supporting me to do more of my great work. I now share it with you. Ancient wisdom for your sacred heart and modern life.

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About The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down

We all have dreams of whisking off to a island, or even just to our bedroom, curling up and sleeping, lounging and being unplugged. And while I am all for vacations, blue water and a day spent in bed with a good book, that’s not what The Feminine of Power of Slowing Down is. That’s rest. What I am talking is something else, that is a way wiser way to live and make choices that most of us are missing out on. So we create realities that drive us hard, and distract us vs support and sustain us to thrive.

 I share lots in the Feminine Power Time podcast, but one bit of wisdom I wanted to write here so you could see it is this: When you have natural slow down periods – which I call “super power pauses”  – in your years, months, weeks and days, you restore and reset vs run through your life one task or hurdle after another. When you have these natural slow downs, something happens to you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You recalibrate yourself to the natural world that energizes you, sustains you and supports you. You come into harmony with what is also inside of you – water, carbon, earthly matter, the stars, cosmic matter vs the man made world full of wires and chips and plastic which is not calibrated to the natural rhythm of your body, mind, heart or spirit. You hear your inner wisdom vs. your inner  chatter and you feel the presence of the wise woman or man that you are, and from this re-calibrated place you can respond vs react. 

When you harmonize your life to the rhythm of the earth, the peace and balance you seek comes to you, vs. you having to chase it.

The Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down is also the wisest thing you can do when you are making choices about the how, when and where of everything in your life – from work to family to everything. Why? Because your inner wisdom does not move at Google Speed!  That wise guidance system you came into this planet with operates at the natural speed of the earth and the cosmos and it’s slower.

 Arylo Sacred Fierce Grace Quote

We all know this is true, deep down, you can feel wisdom in your belly. But we don’t trust the wisdom. We don’t trust this slowing down thing – even though nature all around us does it every day. We fear slowing down, we don’t trust that when we face a choice that we feel stress about, that if we just slowed down we’d be much better off than if we ran scenario after scenario in our head.

We fear slowing down because we fear that if we are not doing it, making it happen, moving, pursuing, we won’t have enough, we won’t be enough, we … insert your fear.

I believe that if we are to create the lives, have the impact, live in ways that don’t sacrifice our wellbeing, take care of those we love, do the sacred work we came here to do, then we each need to get clear on the fear that lives in our hearts and move it out, with love.

I also believe that if we were to attune every woman’s heart and body to the natural rhythms that once upon a time we did move and groove with, we would see a radical decrease in disease and stress and a uprising of harmony and health. And from that place of centered grace, we could create any realities, for ourselves and this world, we desired.


The Feminine Super of Slowing Down.

I’ve been studying it and trying to embrace it for 10 years. I’m still a work in progress. I’ll share more on what I”ve learned about this ancient truth which emerged through not just one of the spiritual traditions I’ve dove deep into – all of them from the divine feminine to yogic wisdom to the earth based wisdom. When you see a wisdom appear across traditions you find super power!! So, here’s some ancient wisdom modified for our modern lives. May it serve you to create a more sustainable supportive rhythm for yourself … and may it support you to make choices that are aligned with your heart and soul.

Here’s this week’s episode of Feminine Power Time – tune in.

And if you have not slowed down and taken a mid year pause yet to find the wisdom waiting to be revealed to you – do! You can still take part in the F.L.O.W. ritual I created for mid year slow down power pauses.  Go here to get the information and start practicing the Feminine Super Power of Slowing Down and watch the wisdom rise! 

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  • Karen

    Thank you my mystical long distance friend. This is very helpful and affirming. Namaste.

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