Stay Calm In The Chaos: Practices & Wisdom for Keeping Your Field Clear

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The world seems to be getting crazier & more chaotic by the minute. So much noise & angst flooding the field that even the most conscious of us can get swept into the fear and the despair. 

How do you stay present to what’s happening without being overtaken by it?

Stay calm inside so you respond on the outside as the powerful and loving presence you desire to be vs adding to the swirl of banter creating separation instead of connection?

It’s been an intense few weeks for me and many of those I’ve been talking with – lots of feelings being stirred up, fears being activated… affects of a world that seems to have gone mad. The ‘field’ is full of emotion and fear, and it effects our ‘personal fields’ in all kinds of ways. We can’t opt out or leave the planet, but we also can’t let ourselves be overtaken or unconsciously add to the fear and separation. So how do you stay calm and centered in the chaos?

When I sat down this morning to stream this week’s Feminine Power Time: Stay Calm in the Chaos: Practices & Wisdom for Keeping Your Field Clear I grabbed my “Do all things with Love” coffee cup for extra reinforcement because I think we could all use a big gulp of love power right about now.

The ‘field’ out there isn’t going to get any less crazy over the next few months, so we can either hold our breath and hope that a rainbow unicorn comes down from the sky to take us away (tried this, went for a fun ride, but the truth is we are all here on earth at this time for a reason.) We can jump into the madness pool and waste our energy picking sides, projecting, protecting, and posting comments that add to the madness (which will just contract our hearts and amplify the fear). Or we can increase our commitment to be forces of love & harmony in this world, not as some modern day Joan of Arc, or some Sally Do-gooder but by starting where everything starts, inside our own hearts, our own actions, reactions and relationships.



Choose to be a powerful force of love & connection, not a weapon for more fear & separation.

We each have so much power to create the world + experience we desire through what we speak & how we show up in every relationship and interaction we have. And we need tools + wisdom to stay centered in loving truth and fierce grace, to stay calm inside the windstorm of fear and blame swirling around right now. That’s what this week’s Feminine Power Time is all about.

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And what I’m spending this summer + fall doing. Your invited to join me.

Join me at Kripalu on the East Coast in September for a Grace Under Pressure weekend to strengthen you ability to respond from fierce grace instead of fear, to stay calm and centered place of power in the midst of chaos and intensity, to access your deep inner wisdom to navigate these times and be a force of love and harmony in the world.  GO here for details. 


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  • Carolyn Favazza

    Thank you so much. This was exactly what I needed after this past week. I feel so much better!!

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