Invoke Your Power to Expand Your Possibility & Reality: A liberation, invitation + co-creation boost

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Feminine Power Time:
Invoke Your Power to Expand Your Possibility & Reality: A liberation, invitation + co-creation boost

Every year around the day known as Independence Day in America, I like to tap into the energy of freedom and liberation to bring forth the wisdom, practices and inspiration for all of us … so we can use the freedom mojo to break free from what might be holding us back, and liberate us to imagine and design the path and possibility forward. 

This is a co-creative practice – a practice I engage in to co create the now and the next. I come back to this liberation and freedom energy every year at this time because if we are evolving, stretching and expanding we can expect resistance and struggle, but we don’t want it to stop us.

One way we exterminate the interference is by expanding so much into the possibility, it just cannot take the light! 

This year I was really feeling we could all use a boost of heart power to clear out the interference and break our consciousness & creativity free, so we can feel the possibility as reality, so much so that it gives us momentum to fuel and focus us forward.

Consider this: The consciousness that got you here, cannot take you to what you are thirsting for, what’s calling you, what you want to feel and experience next. But if you are feeling it within you, it is real. So we expand to elevate.

Here’s the 3 parts we’ll explore and bring into your life now in practical ways to 

  1. Interference –  The unconcious stuff that keep us stuck in patterns and realities that we no longer desire or no longer serve. Imprints like the solo-solitude or scarcity trap. Internal inteference like constraints and conflict that bind us up vs open us up. When you see the interfernce, you can move beyond it, otherwise you just get “goobered” up and stuck in it (very technical term lol).
  2. Imagine – What you are seeking is also seeking you. When you name it and speak it, from a deep place of self worth and empowerment it’s like you are painting that reality through your radiance and passion into the world. I’ll teach you a practice that invokes the power of Invitation & Radiant Magnetism.
  3. Design – It’s not a magical manifestation trick, it’s a co-creative path and practice we engage in actively to bring this into being. From the power of invitation to exploration to experimentation, it takes courage and clarity and conscious creation and creativity. But that is part of the gift … the question is will we dance with the Universe or try to control it and therefeor kill it?

Join me for episode #216: Invoke Your Power To Expand Your Possibility & Reality – a liberation and invitation boost from the heart. 

See you there!


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  1. l would love to invite more into my life … 
  2. I would love to invite in more …. (then respond for the different realms of your life,  my work in the world, my self expression, my wellbeing (home, health, wealth), my professional relationships, my personal relationships
  3. What I would love to be true by this time next year …


Invoke Your Power to Expand Your Possibility & Reality: A liberation, invitation + co-creation boost

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