New Year Visioning Path: Give Yourself the Space to Reveal What’s Right for You

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Without a structure for how to think about and path the start of the year, it’s way too easy to get caught up in the collective pressure and chaos. And then you end up setting goals, intentions and plans from a place of pressure, lack and reactivity vs. your deeper truth, knowing and wisdom. Instead here’s a different way to think and approach your new year visioning path.

One practice I use in my life and teach in the Feminine Wisdom Way and Overwhelmed and Over It to create sustainable success is setting a time span for the start of the year of 4-6 weeks, to give yourself the space to consider what you might choose to give your  life force, time and resources to professionally and personally in the coming year cycle. This works for a few reasons:

One: The first two stages of sustainable co-creation are impulse and intuition.

Without the second stage, you end up creating realities that make more work not more reward. And that often keep you trapped in situations that aren’t truly what you need, or desire. See the glyph below from Section 3 in Overwhelmed and Over It.

However, when you give yourself the space to have the impulses, and then feel and sense into which are wise to follow before forming mental thoughts, your actions for what you focus on in the next year will be more focused on what matters and what is truly aligned for you.

Which looks like this:

For me this slowing down and giving myself the full month of January to be in active co-creation has been such a wiser new year visioning path.

Two: When you have a time span with a start and end, the parts of you that don’t trust your intuition and the parts that feel pressured to know and have a plan can chill out. 

This is a practice I call “Creating Healthy Pressure” – which marks a start date and an intended completion date and creates a creative space to work within that is both focused and fluid. It looks like this:

We apply these two sustainable success principles for working wise and living well to how we start and create the next yearly cycle, by :

  • Choosing to slow start your January – and rise into the year vs hitting the ground running,
  • Explore what you desire to and what is in wisdom to focus your life force on in the next year cycle – using different intuitive thinking and creative processes and practices
  • Choosing and committing to intentional focuses professionally and personally at the natural time for seeding intentions, early February – February 1st which Chinese New Year/Imbolc/Ground Hogs Day/New Moon or by Feb 13 which is Self Love Day
  • Create a visual representation of your intentions which sets the path 
  • Move into focused, fluid action, in co-creation for the rest of the year. You stay in relationship to these intentions in a way that empowers you to stay flexible and fluid.

For 2022, I here’s the linear path I suggest for a new year visioning path.

Experiment with it. It’s what I will be doing because it’s worked for me the past 15 years.

Instead of starting my year like the woman on the left below, which then set me up for a pressure filled, busy and overwhelming reality all year, I start my year centered and rooted into what is right for me. This makes it way more likely we make choices all year aligned within ourselves.

Flow into 2022 – A Path for Revealing What’s Right for You This Year

  1. Dec Last Week: Stay in Neutral.
    Just be in the present moment. Reset space.


  1. Jan 2 New Moon: Slow Start.
    Great day for practices that tune you into wisdom for year ahead.


  1. Jan Week 1 & 2: Dreaming, Receiving & Expanding Time
    Listen into deeper wisdom & desires. Expand into possibility. Stay in your SLOW START. No need to act or plan.


  1. Jan 17 Full Moon: Feel into & Focus On What’s Right for You
    Feel into the reality you really desire to co-create. Begin to articulate focuses for 2022 that support you to ACHIEVE & RECEIVE. Let the momentum flow!


  1. Feb 1 Chinese New Year & Imbolc or Feb 13th Self Love Day: Set 2022 Intentions. Commit. Create.
    Seed your intentions for coming year cycle. Choose, commit & create visual representation.



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